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Joseph Branham Raises The Dead

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Joseph Branham Raises The Dead:

Recently, the local Jeffersonville cult followers are stirring with excitement over a recent situation cult members are claiming was a resurrection of the dead. According to multiple testimonies we have received, James Jackson allegedly "died" in church on Sunday, and Joseph Branham "raised him from the dead."

Not all local cult members agree with this testimony, however. After a recent church split at the Branham Tabernacle when the deacons claimed Joseph Branham stole church property and allegedly refused to give it back, the local "Message" followers split into two churches. There are those who chose Joseph Branham's cult church group, and those who chose the former pastor of the Branham Tabernacle who resigned over the alleged theft. Some who chose to leave Joseph Branham's following do not feel that God can bless a "thief." Can He? The "non-Joseph" group seem to be asking the right questions: can we really claim that he was "dead" when he was only examined after he was "raised from the dead?" And shouldn't they be praising God for His healing touch no matter what happened instead of uplifting a man?

In fact, I've been asked to publish the following questions:

1) Is there actual proof of death, or just Joseph's statement?
2) Why if the hospital found nothing wrong, was Jackson admitted to the ICU?
3) If it was a miracle, why is Joseph Branham getting the glory? Should not God get the Glory?

Ironically, this series of events and the above questions have piqued the curiosity of local cult members, and at a time when we were publishing the death certificates for Hope Branham, Sharon Rose Branham, and now Edward and Charles Branham Jr. Many of them were unaware that Hope Branham was diagnosed with tuberculosis several months before the 1937 flood, and shocked to learn that she died several months after it receded. Local followers, accustomed to constant indoctrination inside a "tape only church" are very familiar with Branham's "life story." They remember William Branham's "struggle" to start the outboard motor on his boat as he fought raging flood waters to get to the hospital where Hope was dying. To learn that Hope died when the water had receded has been an awakening.

Today, we're publishing the death certificates for Charles Branham Jr. and Edward Branham. Those same people familiar with the life story will remember Branham claiming that his brother died "a few nights after" his father, binding the deaths of his father, brother, wife, daughter, and even sister-in-law to the very "emotional" 1937 flood tale.

And—and there, friends, is where my sorrows started. I listened to my mother-in-law in the stead of God. He was giving me the opportunity. And there this gift would've been manifested long time ago, if I'd just went ahead and done what God told me to do. But instead of that, I didn't want her to be angry, and I didn't want to hurt nobody's feelings. And so I just—just let it go like that. Just walked, I just said, "All right, we won't go." And right there, the sorrows started. Immediately after that, my father died. My brother was killed a few nights later from that. I almost lost my own... I lost my father, my brother, my wife, my baby, and my sister-in-law, and almost my own life within about six month's time. And just started going down. My church, pretty near everything went down, down, down. Hope taken sick. Just right after that, the 1937 flood come on.
Branham, 51-0415A - Life Story

But what portions of this story are true?

We've examined Hope's death certificate in previous articles, as well as Charles Sr. and Sharon Rose. But we have not yet examined his brother, who William Branham claims to be bound to this core foundation of the "Message."

Two of William Branham's brothers died before the 1937 flood. Edward's death certificate states that he died June 20, 1929. It could not be Edward since he died seven years before his father.

According to the Indiana State death certificate, his brother Charles Jr. died in August of 1935 -- a year before his father died instead of "a few nights later from that." And it certainly was not within six months time from his wife, who died in July of 1937.

Interestingly, William Branham admits to preaching in a Pentecostal Church when Charles Jr. died -- while often claiming that he remained Baptist until after the tragic 1937 flood story:

next one to go was Charles. I was... He went quickly, suddenly. He was... I was preaching down here at the little, colored Pentecostal church that night, when Charles was killed up on the highway by an automobile.
61-1105 - The Testimony Of A True Witness

Current and former "Message" cult members are asking why Branham would say these things. What was his motive in claiming that a wrathful god would slaughter the lives of his innocent wife and infant daughter? And why bind it together with his father and brother, who died long before this wrathful god unleashed his fury?

But when one considers the recent events in Jeffersonville Indiana as the cult churches become further divided, one has to ask what those in the "Joseph group" will do with Branham's claim that his brother died after his father after learning that the brother was officially declared dead long before the father died. Will those who believe Joseph Branham's statements instructing his group to believe that "everything William Branham says is 'Thus Saith The Lord'" try to reconcile this? Will they claim that "Lord Branham" "raised his brother from the dead" so that he could die "a few nights later from that?"

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