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When Death Certificates Become The Nail In The Coffin

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When Death Certificates Become The Nail In The Coffin:

We are getting a great deal of activity and a flurry of questions and comments concerning the recent postings of the death certificates of Charles, Sharon Rose, and Hope Branham. Even the older crowd are taking interest in the findings, some in complete shock that the "Message" founded upon a heart-wrenching story can be so flawed. Like me, many of the older generation in the mind control cult cried many tears over this life story, and felt that God's unjust "punishment" on William Branham's family members served a greater purpose. To learn that the "punishment" was the concoction of an overactive imagination is enough to push many people out of the cult and into freedom.

Some have asked that we break the information down into a much simpler and easy-to-follow summarization of events. There is an overwhelming amount of information, and it is not that easy to follow when trying to compare with many contradicting life stories. We agree fully. At one point in time, we attempted to piece together a timeline of events in William Branham's life. After several attempts, we realized that we could not reconcile the many conflicting details, and there is absolutely no way to create an order of events.

We are working on a short book to summarize the entire collection of actual history with a fully-documented comparison of William Branham's conflicting statements. An "Acts of the Prophet" as they call it, but one that is historically accurate instead of fictional. All who are interested in either reading this or contributing to it may contact us on our website.

In its simplest form:

William Branham claims to have been born under a sign, just as Jesus was. And he claims to have been told by an "astronomer," who according to Branham was the same occupation as the "three wise men." It appears that he changed his birth year to match some unknown astrological event. Government records clearly state that his parents thought him to be born in 1907, as opposed to his own claim to have been born in 1908 and later 1909.

William Branham claimed that his father died before he could finish grade school, and that he had to drop out to support his mother and siblings. Government records clearly state that his father died long after his siblings were grown men, and that William Branham was already a minister.

William Branham claims that an unjust God smote his innocent wife and child during the 1937 flood because he "listened to his mother-in-law" and remained Baptist. Government records clearly state that his wife was diagnosed with her deadly tuberculosis after Branham was a Pentecostal minister, a year before the flood happened. Branham appears not to have cared for her, impregnating Hope with Sharon Rose after Hope took ill with the life-threatening disease. And while Branham told many conflicting versions of details concerning Hope's hospitalization and his miraculous journey by boat through flood to save her, Hope died several months after the flood receded. Not in a hospital as Branham claimed; Hope appears to have died at home while his daughter died in the Clark Memorial Hospital.

William Branham ties all of these details to his "1933 Baptism," at which time he claims to have been a Baptist minister who baptized hundreds on the banks of the Ohio River when God spoke through the heavens just as Jesus Christ was announced, and further claims that the Associated Press published the story throughout the world. Government records and newspaper articles tell a much different story, one of a Pentecostal minister who simply baptized a handful of new converts into Pentecostalism.

There are many, many other details to the "life story" that do not agree with recorded history, and we will continue to publish them as we review the government documents and newspaper articles. But we agree with the assessment by others now leaving the Branham cult to freedom: If the core foundation to the "Message" is fictional, we must consider examining all of the "Message" for accuracy. If we've been mislead on the central teaching that resulted in a cult leader, is not there a great chance we've been mislead in much, much more?

But the bigger question for those who briefly scan through this summary is obvious: Why did William Branham make so many comparisons between his fictional life story and the Life Story of Jesus Christ? Was it coincidence that he used fictional details to mirror the story of Christ's birth and baptism? Or was this all part of the mind control strategy to program followers to believe that this Pentecostal preacher was more than a man?

For those who missed the documents, we are publishing them to our "Government Records" page on

Stay tuned! More to come!