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Official Death Certificate for Sharon Rose Branham

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Official Death Certificate for Sharon Rose Branham:

Was an angry God killing women and children because a Baptist minister refused the "Pentecostal call?"

That is the question followers of the "Message" cult must ask themselves after hearing the many versions of William Branham's "life story" and comparing them to the what actually happened according to history. While William Branham describes a wife and child dying in the 1937 flood while he was a Baptist minister, history records quite a different story.

William Branham often blamed the death of his wife, child, father, and brother on his mother-in-law. Referring to her in demeaning phrases, he would say that he listened to "the woman," and therefore God was angry.

Instead of listening to God, I listened to the woman. Now, she may... She might be setting right here this afternoon for all I know. I don't see her, but she may be. She's a good woman, but she just didn't understand at that time.
Then sorrow set in. Immediately, the... We had a... After that little while, another little fellow was born, a little girl called Sharon Rose.
The 1937 flood come up. Sorrows begin to break in. Things went wrong at the church. My congregation begin to drop. Just get out of the harmony with God one time. And friends, I'll always regret it as long as I live. Right then, my church thought I was a fanatic. They still do. Not my church body at Jeffersonville, no, no, I mean the Baptist church that I belonged to.
- Branham, 53-1108A

I listened to my mother-in-law instead of God, and forsaken the church,
and went on back with the Baptist people. Right away, plagues hit my home. My wife took sick; my father died on my arm; my brother was killed. And everything happened just in a few days. A great flood hit the country and washed away the homes.
- Branham, 55-0626A

And--and there, friends, is where my sorrows started. I listened to my mother-in-law in the stead of God. He was giving me the opportunity. And there this gift would've been manifested long time ago, if I'd just went ahead and done what God told me to do.
- Branham, 51-0415A

Many who have been under the mind control influence of William Branham's "Message" are familiar with this tale, and refusal to join the Pentecostals. Even today, cult followers refer to William Branham as once having been a "Baptist minister," claiming that he converted to the Pentecostal-style cult leader after the 1937 flood. Branham himself tells us when he converted to the Pentecostal faith:

Now, sometime ago when I was first brought into Pentecost, I went to Mishawaka to Brother Rowe's tabernacle. There they were having a convention; it was a Jesus Name people. Now, I did not agree with the Jesus Name people; there's not--there's not... They're my brethren, but the reason I say... "Baptize for regeneration in the Name of Jesus Christ," I do not believe that. I do not believe that water saves you from sin. I believe it's the Blood of Jesus Christ is regeneration. But the Oneness people baptize unto regeneration. The Name of Jesus, just baptize them in Jesus Name, and that's--they're saved, because he said 'Repent, and be baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ for the remission of your sins.'" But what comes first? Repentance, godly sorrow for your sins, then turn away. Then be baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ, it's all right. You've done all of this for remission of sins. Now, and in there, there was several thousand people. In them days they had segregation in the north here--or in the south, and they had to have up here because many colored brothers was coming to this convention. It was the P. A. of W. and the P. A. of G--J. C. before the a merging.

These acronyms are unfamiliar today. But in the early days of Pentecostalism, there were numerous groups of Pentecostals creating assemblies of people under different doctrinal stance. The two Branham refers to here are the "Pentecostal Assemblies of the World" and the Pentecostal Assemblies of Jesus Christ." According to William Branham, he was first brought into Pentecost before the merger of these two assemblies.

There's just one problem. That happened long before the 1937 flood.

In November of 1931 in the city of St. Louis, a conference was convened for the purpose of the merger. It was decided that the Apostolic Churches of Jesus Christ and the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World would meet to work out a merger of their respective groups. The merger was adopted, and they took part of each of their names to appropriately name the new organization. This new name was The Pentecostal Assemblies of Jesus Christ, commonly known as the P.A. of J.C.

And the Jeffersonville City Directory lists William Branham and Hope together when referring to William Branham as the pastor of the "Pentecostal Tabernacle." Did God really kill Hope for listening to "the woman?" Did God kill Sharon Rose before she was born?

Hope Branham's death certificate states that she died of Tuberculosis that was first diagnosed in January of 1936 -- a year before the 1937 flood. And she died five months after the flood receded.

But Sharon Rose's death certificate is even more interesting. While Branham gives several conflicting details about his experience with Hope in the hospital, Sharon Rose's death certificate is the only one that mentions the Clark Memorial Hospital as the place of death. Why does William Branham claim that Hope died in the Hospital with Sharon Rose? And Sharon Rose's onset of Tuberculosis occurred July 20, 1937 -- five months after the flood waters receded. Did William Branham really battle through raging flood waters to reach the hospital?

The real issue comes with Sharon Rose's birth when compared to her mother's onset of the deadly disease. Sharon Rose was born October 28, 1936. This would mean that she was conceived after her mother was diagnosed with Tuberculosis. Is this a man who cares for his dying wife?

When one realizes that Branham was already a Pentecostal minister long before the 1937 flood, and that his wife and child died long after, one has to question his many derogatory statements against his mother-in-law. Did she really refuse for this Pentecostal minister to become Pentecostal? Or was she simply begging and pleading with William Branham to care for his dying wife?

Did William Branham really feel guilty for not becoming Pentecostal when he was already a Pentecostal minister? Or did he feel guilty for neglecting his dying wife? Was this guilt compounded when a nursing baby developed the deadly disease that took the life of his wife?

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