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William Branham Cult Doctrine - Rape And Torture of Children

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William Branham Cult Doctrine - Rape And Torture of Children:

New York Times recently ran an article about Villa Baviera, a farming community at the foothills of the Andes mountains that has made huge strides in erasing its past. The site where once stood a terrifying commune has now been replaced with a tourist attraction including a small lagoon with paddle boats, pool, hot tubs, and bicycles for rent. A public restaurant is now celebrating Oktoberfest where once held children who had been stripped away from their parents.

Not that long ago, a deeply secretive "Message" commune of about three hundred people labored under the mind control of William Branham's teaching to fill the pockets of the cult leader Paul Shafer. A medic in WWII, he rose to the rank of Corporal. After the war, however, Schafer was "saved" by the "Message" of William Branham.

In his tour of nations with Arganbright, Branham claimed to have saved many souls using his "gospel of divine healing." Over a hundred thousand, to be exact:

And we went to Switzerland, and the Lord gave us fifty thousand souls, went from there up to Karlsruhe, Germany, and He give us fifty thousand more about. That made a hundred thousand souls in that little campaign. How He blessed us. And--and now we're planning this summer or early this autumn to go back into Africa, and Switzerland, India, many tours around the country
Branham, 56-0200 - Contending For The Faith

But while Voice of God Recordings celebrates William Branham as the leader of the Post WWII Healing Revival, very little time is spent examining the fruits of that ministry. Two such "fruits" of Branham's labor Are Pastors Hugo Baar and Paul Shafer. These two men migrated to Chile in 1961 to settle in the Maule Region. Shafer was a very charismatic preacher, and combined with the mind control strategy of the recordings of William Branham, was able to use fear tactics to capture the hearts and minds of those who migrated with him.

One child who escaped Shafer's wrath describes his struggles in life after having his childhood robbed from him. Enslaved as a servant to the "Bride," Georg Laube did not get a proper education. The communal school did give him a certificate of an eighth-grade education, but it was nothing more than a piece of paper falsely claiming that he was educated:

"Now I am married, I have three children; I left the colony because I disagree with managers, but ... I have nothing. Working with Dirk, as partners, but did not even eighth grade, although a license says yes, but a lie. We got the license with a trap and I use it because if not, do not even get a driving license.
- Georg Laube

Laube was one of several children trapped into Shafer's commune of terror. Several children were tortured and raped, abused both physically and sexually. When child sex abuse charges were filed, Shafer fled to a suburb near Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he was charged also with the 1976 disappearance of political activist Juan Maino

Studies of the commune and it's mind control cult structure describe the terrifying place as though it were a German concentration camp -- but obviously under the rule of William Branham's "message" combined with Paul Shafer's enforcement instead of Hitler:

It was not a concentration camp system in which prisoners tend to think of themselves as individuals. It was a community, and the children suffered most of all." The pilgrims may have come to Chile for their religion, but once there they became prey to a brutal and relentless cult of personality. "The older colonos punished the younger ones under orders from Schaefer," Biedermann continued. "They were also the ones who were supposed to educate them. This involved keeping them away from their families, keeping them active all day, and principally keeping them obedient and disciplined. They did whatever they needed to do, including psychopharmacology and electroshock." Over time, physical coercion became less necessary as the social system became rooted in the psyche of the individual.
- Neils Biederman

Those in the American versions of Branham's cult structure might argue that Schafer was an extremist, abandoning Branham's "true" message. But when one compares Shafer's teaching to Branham's "Message," it is evident that he fully agreed with Branham's theology and tried to enforce it:

According to Schaefer's teachings, women were temptresses whose sexuality, if uncontrolled, would drive men wild with desire and lead them to stray from God. Schaefer considered sexual intercourse a tool of the Devil. To protect men from corruption, he created in the Colonia an environment of minimal temptation. Women lived and worked separately from men. They wore ugly homemade dresses, so baggy that almost no trace of the female form remained visible. They rolled their long hair into tight, passion-proof buns, and the endless days spent toiling in the workshops or in the fields further depressed their frustrated libido.
- The American Scholar - The Torture Colony

Compare this to William Branham's "Message":

Now, there is nothing designed that can deceive, and be deceived, as easy as a woman. There is nothing designed or can stoop as low as a woman can. Think now. There is nothing designed, in all creation, that can stoop as low as a woman can. She can tear a man's heart to pieces easier than anything else there is in the world, is his wife. Let that nice little wife get to running around with some other man; look at that fellow sitting there with his children, the tears dropping out of his eyes. She is designed that way. She is designed to do this. There is no hog, no dog, or no other animal, designed like her or can stoop as low as she can stoop. Now, that is true.
65-0221M - Marriage And Divorce

But the commune could also be compared to Jonestown, Guyana, where cult leader Jim Jones militarized the boundaries between his cult and the outside world. Jones, another "fruit" of Branham's ministry from his Post WWII Faith Healing Revival days in Indiana armed men with assault rifles to dissuade any members who felt the notion to leave. Shafer's strategy was much the same:

To assure the defense of his utopia, Shafer's organized a paramilitary unit of several dozen men, trained in military tactics and martial arts. On some Saturday nights, a shrill alarm would summon them to a meeting. As one former unit member later testified to German government investigators, once the troops were assembled, Schaefer would enter the room and say, without apparent irony, "Good evening, Comrades," to which those present were required to respond, "Good evening, General." If the reply came late or lacked sufficient enthusiasm, Schaefer grew upset. Each man was required by regulation to carry a sidearm. Schaefer checked the weapons carefully to make sure that they were loaded and had their safeties on. Any man who failed the inspection lost his right to carry a gun. With any urgent business related to Soviet world domination resolved, the men dispersed into the night, searching the darkness for communists.
- The American Scholar - The Torture Colony

And as with many pastors in the "Message" mind control cult, confessions of the followers were used against them:

With no genuine external enemies to fight, Schaefer and his most trusted lieutenants turned their energies inward. The practice of confession provided them with plenty of people to punish. The guilty were starved, threatened with dogs, or beaten--sometimes by Schaefer himself, more often by others acting on his orders.
- The American Scholar - The Torture Colony

But what would a communal following of William Branham be without sick patients that need "divine healing?" In the colony, a hospital was set up for the "sick." And its rooms were sometimes filled by those who were physically beaten until they needed hospital care. Once inside, however, they were prisoners of torture for several years.

As Baar now remembers it, a group of men approached him one day while he was working in the carpentry shop and accused him of stealing the keys to one of the dormitories. When Baar denied it, he was beaten unconscious with electrical cables--his skull broken--and loaded into an ambulance. He awoke some time later in the Colonia's hospital, where he would remain as a prisoner for the next 31 years.
- The American Scholar - The Torture Colony

Many who have no escaped Branham's "Message" mind control cult can sympathize with the "Christmas spirit" that the cult destroys at the direction of William Branham. To enjoy Christmas is "message heresy." To enjoy a make-believe Santa Claus for the excitement of Children is condemned harshly behind cult pulpits. But Shafer took Branham's doctrinal teaching against "Santa Claus" and combined it with a staged enactment of "Santa's death" to scar the children for life:

All challengers to Schaefer's authority--real or imagined--were rooted out and destroyed. No one inspired greater love and admiration among the children of the Colonia than Santa Claus. It is said that in the days shortly before Christmas one year in the mid-1970s, Schaefer gathered the Colonia's children, loaded them onto a bus, and drove them out to a nearby river, where, he told them, Santa was coming to visit. The boys and girls stood excitedly along the riverbank, while an older colono in a fake beard and a red and white suit floated towards them on a raft. Schaefer pulled a pistol from his belt and fired, seeming to wound Santa, who tumbled into the water, where he thrashed about before disappearing below the surface. It was a charade, but Schaefer turned to the children assembled before him and said that Santa was dead. From that day forward, Schaefer's birthday was the only holiday celebrated inside Colonia Dignidad.
- The American Scholar - The Torture Colony

Luis Henriquez,the chief of Chile's national detective force, was involved in the initial investigation into the "Torture Colony." After a 12-year-old cult member slipped an officer a piece of paper that read, "Take me out of here. He raped me," Henriquez began the investigation that would make Chilean history. He describes the mind control of the cult much like ex-cult members in the United States describe it.

"The colonos were like zombies, or maybe like robots," Henriquez would later recall, "They were machines: on/off, on/off, on/off. They didn't change moods like normal people." Though Schaefer's followers were generally subdued, at times they became aggressive, and, in a few cases, they physically assaulted the police.
- Luis Henriquez

Is the "Serpent's Seed" doctrine harmless? Is it safe to teach your children that their natural desires come from Satan? Is it healthy to teach your daughters that they were designed by Satan to deceive as William Branham taught in his apocalyptic doomsday cult?

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