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Voice of God Recordings - Statement of Faith

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Voice of God Recordings - Statement of Faith:

One of the most complex problems for Voice of God Recordings as it tries to launch its public relations campaign to recruit new members is to create a "statement of faith" that does not offend existing members while still being attractive to new recruits. Should the organization clearly present their full and complete statement of faith, new recruits would never join. But to create one that is attractive to new prospective members would end in disaster for those already under the undue influence of the recordings.

Which internal sect's "statement of faith" can they promote without alienating the others? Can they promote the "Seven Thunders" group, which would offend many "Message" cult followers in the United States? What would happen if they promoted the "tent ministry" sect, when so many cult pastors have already come to terms with this as having been a failed prophecy in the literal sense? It would be devastating to their following in the United States, Canada, and Mexico if they were to promote the "apostle sects" from the developing nations -- even cult followers in the continent of North America realize that those guys are a cult!

Voice of God Recordings is stuck between a rock and a hard place. They cannot lure new recruits with a truthful statement of faith, and cannot maintain current capacity with an untruthful proclamation. There really is only one choice: give a very minimalistic "Statement of Faith" that really doesn't say anything.

On the "FAQ" page of, they appear to have done just that. The first question and answer makes this very clear:

What is your statement of faith?
We would say that our “official” church doctrine would be the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation. Our statement of faith can be summarized like this: No creed but Christ; no law but love; no book but the Bible.

There's just one glaring problem, and it seems to be a common problem among the organization. Is this an honest answer?

I find it odd that an organization touting, "No book but the Bible," has made hundreds of millions -- if not billions -- of dollars publishing books. Even according to their articles of incorporation, VOGR was established (Under Article II) "To produce, reproduce, print, publish, sell, and distribute tapes, recordings, and written material."

Is Voice of God Recordings being honest? Can they really claim "No book but the Bible" with thousands of books published?