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Cub Corner Message Cult Mind Control:

Is Voice of God Recordings practicing mind control techniques on children through "cub corner?" Are children being indoctrinated to believe William Branham is their direct access to God?

It's hard not to ask these questions when you visit the "Cub Corner" children's website managed by the cult headquarters. Not surprisingly, William Branham is promoted throughout the site, but when one studies a bit further, one has to ask the question: Where is the focus?

One now former member of the "Message" cult sent us a link to a recent blog post, shocked to see that William Branham was being promoted more than the Bible or Jesus Christ. Taking one of Branham's "fish tales," the myth was turned into a song for children, claiming that by this "fish tale," God allegedly proved that he [William Branham] was God.

The song goes on further to indoctrinate children with the idea that they become closer to God by listening to the tape recordings of William Branham-- not by reading their Bibles.

In the "about" page of Voice of God Recordings, they claim, "We do not subscribe to any man-made creeds and our only “doctrinal statement” is our belief in the absolute authority of the Word of God. We acknowledge only the headship of the Lord Jesus Christ." Which source do they claim to be the "Word of God?" The recorded sermons of William Branham that Joseph has stated to be his "absolute?" Or the Bible which many members are led to believe?

Read the article, and see for yourself: