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Edward Winford Branham Dies

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Edward Winford Branham Dies:

When publishing the hidden secrets of a mind control cult, it's amazing sometimes the level of granularity of detail that must be published before those under the undue influence of mind control can empower themselves to critically think. "Edward Winford Branham Dies." What does THIS have to do with the "Message," and why is it important?

I can proactively begin the arguments that will likely come from those under mind control -- without them having to send those arguments to me through email: "What does this have to do with Jesus Christ?" "Have you nothing better to do?" "Have you gone insane?"

As more people make their exodus from this religious cult called the "Message," they begin sharing their correspondence with me. And ironically, the responses they get from elders in the cult -- from the cult ministers to the Public Relations staff at Voice of God Recordings, is the very thing that pushed them over the edge out of the cult and into freedom. The answers given to defend the research on our website are strategically avoiding undeniable evidence and even avoiding statements by William Branham. There was a day when this type of PR strategy worked, but new escapees are telling us that the "public relations" is actually working in favor of the ever growing exodus. I simply see it as an act of desperation -- there was a time when they refused to give any explanation to the contradictions, failed prophecies, and other issues at all.

One topic in particular that is obvious enough to ignite the flame to freedom is Branham's birthdate. The entire "Message" hinges on the 1909 birthdate William Branham began claiming after the marriage of his second wife. Branham claimed this was when the "stars aligned," and an "astronomer" that "worked for the United States government" told him that he was "borned on a sign." Branham compared this sign to the star that led the three wise men to Jesus Christ.

The problem is that according to Branham's parents, William Branham was born in 1907. In two different Census reports, William Branham is listed at a year placing his birth year at 1907. Even Branham himself claimed this birth year on recorded sermon when promoting himself to the followers of cult leader John Alexander Dowie.

In response to the findings, the Public Relations staff of Voice of God Recordings and cult pastors are allegedly telling those under their undue influence that we cannot trust the Census reports. And that the Branham family could not remember William Branham's birth year. It is because of this that Edward Winford Branham's multiple newspaper articles become crucial. Just as we recently published about Edward Winford Branham's alleged murder of a sixteen-year-old-boy, the age listed in the newspapers is evidence that the parents did, in fact, know the ages of their children.

In fact, human physiology confirms William Branham's birth year. If William Branham was born in 1909, his younger brother would have to be his twin, not a younger sibling. We cannot break the nine month pregnancy period.

So to answer those under mind control who will no doubt send us the question, "What does this have to do with the Gospel?" we will answer.

Flee to the Gospel! The real Gospel of Jesus Christ. Jesus said that you would, indeed see His sign in the heavens -- but not for another prophet. Jesus said Elijah had already come. He said that when you see the sign in the heaven, HE would return. Was 1909 (or 1907) the return of Jesus Christ?

Sadly, many in the cult following of William Branham made the connection, and mistakenly believe it was.

New documents on our records page! And more to come! Stay tuned!