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Was It A Branham Family Murder Or A Suicide

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Was It A Branham Family Murder Or A Suicide:

Branham often referred to his brother Edward Winford Branham as "Humpy" during his "Life Story" sermons, spinning a heart-warming tale of how he allegedly stole popcorn from Winford and wished that he could give it back. Edward Winford was the sibling that Branham claimed used to say "I got matter in my eyes," and the "coon grease would hit the stove."

I suppose then, next coming to meet me will be Edward, who we called "Humpy," for a short name. He was the first of the big nine link chain, chain of the Branham family. He was the first link to break, the one next to me. I'll see Edward come running to me; yet he died as a boy, nineteen years old. And when I take him by his hand, I'm sure we'll have lots of things to talk about, of boyhood, 'cause we were chums. We stuck together. He let me wear his suit and—and—and things like real brothers did. It'll be a pleasure to see him again.
- Branham, 59-0510M - Mother's Day

What William Branham never told his followers is that months before his death, his brother Edward Winford killed a man. Newspapers published the report of Edward killing John Bruse of Jeffersonville, but there was a dispute between Edward and the witnesses. While Edward claimed that Bruse committed suicide, witnesses of the tragedy placed the gun in Edward's hand. Police informed the newspaper of the details, and it was printed in multiple papers on June 4, 1928.

While this story is interesting, and does give some insight about the type of family we are dealing with, the alleged murder of John Bruse has very little to do with the mind control cult called the "Message." What is of interest, however, is the age listed in the newspapers. According to the publications, Edward was eighteen in 1928.

This age confirms the age listed on the 1920 Census we have on our government document page. And that Census places William Branham's actual birthdate as 1907. Edward Winford Branham was age 10 in 1920, and William Branham was age 12.

Edward Winford died a year later, and both William Branham and newspapers confirm his age as 19 -- again, confirming the 1920 Census and Branham's 1907 birthdate.

Where it gets interesting is the "1909" birthdate that the cult references when describing William Branham's "supernatural birth." Confirming Edward Winford's age in 1920 creates a huge issue with the 1909 birthdate. If we try to claim that William Branham was born in 1909 -- two years after his actual birthdate -- then we have William Branham and Winford Branham being born at the same time.

... and even cult followers can understand the nine month pregnancy concept.

Did William Branham's parents forget they had twins? Or was William Branham untruthful about his 1908 and 1909 birthdates? And if he was untruthful about the 1908 and 1909 birthdates, what else in the life stories is also untruthful?

New documents on our records page! And more to come! Stay tuned!