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Message Cult - Why Transparency Is An Issue

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Message Cult - Why Transparency Is An Issue:

Last week, we published the story of John Asher, a "Message" cult pastor who built an empire at the expense of his own congregation. Many were shocked to learn that Billy Paul Branham and other cult pastors were aware of the situation, and yet the majority of the cult followers were not informed.

But not all cult followers handled the shock in a healthy way. One follower contacted us through social media to defend the "Message" cult's hidden secrets by claiming that cult leaders acted appropriately in the situation. Said the cult devotee:

"If this video does anything it exonerates the message from the evil of this man ... As for Billy Paul, I find it great he was quick to publicly denounce"

Those indoctrinated in a mind control cult are not aware of the dangers lurking at every corner when the cult leaders conceal information. In fact, control of information is one of the fundamental elements found in every mind control cult. If new recruits had this information easily accessible, would they join the cult? And if not accessible, can we truly say that they are making an informed decision before joining?

Mind control cults do not want recruits and members making informed decision. As members' cult identity is indoctrinated, cult leaders must filter information from that indoctrination. Instead of followers making informed decisions, they are indoctrinated to place the decision making power into the hands of cult leaders -- many of which are often exposed with skeletons in their closets.

Growing up in the family of one such cult elder, I can say from first-hand experience that information was held from the people. None were aware that William Branham entrusted his "tape ministry" to two homosexual men, and that those men established a commune of sexual molestation, physical abuse, and eventually multiple deaths. None were aware that Branham was untruthful about his "mystery cloud angelic visitation," and was in Houston, TX supporting a homosexual transvestite prostitute murderer at the time. None were aware of Voice of God Recordings gaining over a hundred million dollars in assets while promoting the idea of children collecting money through "Jesus Jars" -- indoctrinating the children to give money to their establishment through pennies, nickels, and dimes. And while they were using this money to purchase extravagant tour busses, gymnasiums, and land, there were missionaries without shoes on their feet indoctrinating even more people to send their donations to the establishment.

Why is transparency an issue? These cult leaders ask their followers to be transparent, which results in confessions used against them in sermons of fear. Why should they not also be accountable? Is not this a religion that they, themselves created?

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