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Recently, we published a comparison between the government records detailing Billy Paul Branham's first marriage and the public statements describing the situation from cult leader William Branham. After publishing it, we received several emails and comments asking to learn more -- many in the "Message" cult following were unaware of William Branham's own son having been married and divorced. Many of them were quite upset.

And rightfully so. Many in the cult are condemned, shunned, ex-communicated, and separated from friends and family should they re-marry after divorce. Cult theology places the power of punishment over the power of the Cross to forgive -- according to cult pastors, once you've been remarried after having been engaged, you are "perpetually sinning forever." Why was Billy Paul excluded from this doctrine?

After a few trips to the courthouse, we found that it was very difficult to gather additional details. No records were found concerning Billy Paul's second marriage. Nothing under "Billy Paul Branham could be found in any of the family tree sites such as or even at the courthouse after the divorce of his first wife. Where were the records?

As we've found with our research, nothing with this family is normal.

Our difficulty in finding records has to do with the fact that both Billy Paul Branham and his second wife changed their names in the Marriage License. "Leila Lynn Cunliffe" appears to have changed to "Leila Loyce Cunliffe"

Billy Paul changed his name from "Branham" to "Braham," removing the "n." And on line 30, agreeing that he was not an "imbecile, feeble-minded, idiotic, or insane," Billy Paul confirmed this with signature of his new name "William Braham" (without the "n").

His stepmother, Meda BraNham, gave her consent on to the marriage. But interestingly, his father did not perform the marriage. It was signed by the Reverend John A Farr.

Why did Billy Paul Branham legally change his name at the time of his second marriage? Was he hiding something? If so, what? Did William Branham know about the name change? Did he give his unwritten consent?

But even more concerning is the fact that the Branham family placed so much significance on the seven-letter name. Most in the "message" cult condemn Billy "Graham" because he has six letters to his name -- some say this signifies the antichrist. Was the "seven letters" not as important to Billy Paul as the family makes it out to be? Or does this mean that Billy Paul Braham is the antichrist?

The question really comes down to this: Is the answer on line 30 incorrect, or was this purposefully done? And if purposefully done, why would BOTH Billy Paul and Leila change their names?

New documents on our government records page! And more to come! Stay tuned!