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Message Mind Control - Phobias

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Message Mind Control - Phobias:

As a child, I can remember sitting through long, emotional sermons by "Message" pastors who weekly pleaded with their congregations to try harder to achieve "rapturing faith" to escape the impending doom of the coming apocalypse. Each Sunday, the pastor would make his way through an invisible checklist of "sins," and implant what we thought was the fear of God into our minds so that we were afraid to partake in those "sins." And each pastor of each cult church I attended had an entirely different "soapbox."

One cult pastor felt necessary to condemn the sin of "bowling" each and every Sunday. Another continually mentioned the "sin" of women cutting their hair, though not a single woman in the congregation appeared to have even trimmed their split ends. More than one pastor preached firmly against the "sin" of television, while others the "sin" of radio. While in the cult, it never made sense to me why the pastors continually preached against "sins" that his congregation were not committing. Why waste his breath on the same exact "sin" each Sunday, when the people weren't committing them? Wouldn't they just simply leave and go to another church if they were?

It wasn't until after having studied mind control techniques that I realized that there was actually a reason for this. In order to contain a mind control cult without physical walls or armed guard, the cult leaders must implant phobias into the minds through undue influence. Then, cult enforcers must ensure these phobias are kept in remembrance at all times. After realizing the strategy, I thought back to each of those Sunday speeches of the "sins" that nobody was committing, and realized that the "sin" was not the focus, but rather, the fear of what happened when the "sin" was committed. We were indoctrinated with "phobias."

In his book, "Combating Cult Mind Control," Hassan mentions this as a fundamental element in containing members of cult groups:

What do phobias have to do with cult groups and mind control? In some cults, members are systematically made to be phobic about ever leaving the group. Today’s cults know how to effectively implant vivid negative images deep within members’ unconscious minds, making it impossible for them to even conceive of ever being happy and successful outside of the group. When the unconscious is programmed to accept such negative associations, it behaves as though they were true. The unconscious mind of the typical cult member contains a substantial image-bank of all of the bad things that will occur if they, or anyone, were to ever betray the group. Members are programmed, either overtly or subtly, to believe that if they ever leave, they will die of some horrible disease, be hit by a car, be killed in a plane crash, or perhaps cause the death of loved ones. Some cults program members to believe that if they leave the group, planetary nuclear holocaust will be the result. Yet cult-induced phobias are so cleverly created and implanted that people often don’t even know they exist.
- Steven Hassan. Combating Cult Mind Control

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