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Open Letter To Billy Paul and Joseph Branham

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Open Letter To Billy Paul and Joseph Branham:

This weekend, we received a letter addressed to Billy Paul and Joseph Branham from a now former member of the "Message" mind control cult. The ex-member asked us to share this on our website. Awareness is starting to spread quickly, and each person finding freedom has a strong desire to help others gain strength to break free from the mind control of the cult following of William Branham.

Here is the letter.


To Billy Paul Branham and Joseph Branham:

The time has come that I can no longer refrain from expressing my grief, anger, and profound disgust with your manufacturing, dissemination, and propagation of the false religious cult “Message of the Hour.” The post-WWII era of fake healing evangelists produced many scam artist “men of God” who preyed upon many ignorant but well-meaning victims desperately searching for help in their quests to help themselves or loved ones overcome illness and disability. However, in 2015, FACTUAL information concerning William Branham and his religious hoax is readily available and easily accessible via the internet and other reliable public outlets. This means that the entire manufactured religion of William Branham has been fully exposed for the deliberately fake, money-making scheme that it was and is to this very day.

The fact that other fake religious hucksters from the era were also to blame for similar scams does not let William Branham and his descendants off the hook. The Branham descendants are even more culpable, in my opinion, for the following reasons: They clearly have all of the information available that proves the “Message” to be a hoax. Because Billy Paul was instrumental in the early development of the scam, he knows all the methods and secrets that comprise the illusion of a God-ordained ministry. In addition, unlike many other evangelists of the era, the “Message” promotes William Branham in the highest office imaginable – the second coming of Jesus Christ and also a creator.

This fact sets the “Message” apart from your average run-of-the-mill religious hoax and places it in the blasphemy category, in my opinion. But just as important is the fact that both of you – Billy Paul and Joseph- are fully aware of the pain, sorrow, and extreme destruction the lies of the “Message” have been responsible for. I know for a fact that you two have been apprised of serious illness, destruction of families, criminal convictions, and even deaths directly resulting from the negative impact of being involved in the “Message.” Yet you both continue to eagerly propagate the lies to every part of the world that you can get away with – ALL for the purpose of making money.

I take extreme and personal offense at every facet of this scam as it has negatively affected EVERY SINGLE MEMBER OF MY FAMILY. As a matter of fact, I don’t know a single person involved in the “Message” that hasn’t suffered tremendously from the lies and dogma propagated forthwith. My poor family has been torn apart from trying to live a “Message” life that has put them in no-win situations. The ridiculous rules associated with this cult and scare tactics used have set up a scenario where followers of the cult cannot possible achieve the standards required. Therefore many rebel and engage in the most extreme behaviors imaginable, only to justify themselves by quoting William Branham concerning “being part of the Bride” and “the devil is just working harder on the Bride”, and “the Bride cannot fail.”

Adultery, children out of wedlock, children born as a result of adulterous extra-marital relations, multiple marriages and divorces, abortions, drug addiction, alcohol addiction, physical abuse, mental abuse, felony convictions, rape, and premature deaths have been the common theme in both my family and every single “Message” family I know. And I assure you it occurs in the “Message” families I know in far greater incidence than in non-Message families. I have often said that every “Message” family I know is far more perverted and evil than people who claim no religious beliefs at all. Billy Paul and Joseph- I hold you partially responsible for the destruction and disfunction I have witnessed. Your fake religion has produced fruits that are rotten to the core. Unfortunately, my own marriage is being destroyed because of my spouse’s insane view of “lowly” women. He has embraced William Branham’s opinion of women and consider even his own wife “dogmeat”, “sorry”, “the reason for all evil and sin” and “a by-product.”

However, the worst part of all is the fact that YOU BOTH KNOW YOU ARE SCAMMING PEOPLE BUT YOU REFUSE TO STOP. You don’t seem to care that you are taking money from many that can ill-afford to pay tithes for a fake religion. You are fully aware that you are keeping sinners from seeking true forgiveness in Jesus Christ alone, but you just don’t seem to care. You both know that using scare tactics to keep and control tithe-paying “Message” believers promotes an elitist and non-Christ like attitude, but you just don’t care.

Billy Paul – I can, on some level, grasp why you continue the hoax as you have been a part of this scam from the beginning. You have never suffered any consequences for your despicable behavior. You have enjoyed rock-star status for many decades now (after all, you are an elderly man in your 80’s) and you see no advantage in giving it up now. You have traveled the world, lived in comfortable surroundings, and avoided having the tax burden that the rest of us bear. In short, you don’t see that it is in your best interest to be honest with the world concerning the lies that comprise the cult.

But Joseph – YOU are another matter altogether. You, Joseph, were not part of the original authors of the “’Message” scam. You are younger, better educated, more business and computer savvy, and generally more connected to “foot soldiers on the ground” that are responsible for the modern dissemination of the scam. Unlike Billy Paul and his cohorts, you did not stumble upon a freak opportunity to manufacture a fake religious movement. Rather, you came of age after it was in full swing. However, you clearly are and have been aware of the completely false nature of the “Message” as evidenced by your obvious attempts to explain away the failed prophecies, fake healings, totally false accounts of vindications, and sincere questions concerning the now proven lies William Branham told. In short, having full knowledge of the hoax, you chose to dive in head-first in order to grow the family business at the cost of many well- meaning “believers.” To this day, you and your organization are pushing this hoax with impunity.

As a result, real people are suffering. Families are breaking apart. Souls are viewed as unimportant and expendable. Worst of all, Joseph, is the fact that YOU allow your deluded followers to view you as a “prophet” when you know full well that you are nothing of the kind. Many in the “Message” view you as Christ, just like they viewed your father. I have personally witnessed some of your followers pray to “Brother Branham.” This is blasphemy, pure and simple. I am disgusted and appalled just thinking about it. I sincerely don’t know how you two sleep at night. Aren’t you scared of being stricken dead or ill by God for disobedience (like William Branham said happened to the man from Windsor)? Sometimes I wonder if you believe in God at all. You seem to have no fear of distorting his Word or challenging His sovereignty.

In closing, I implore both of you to do some sincere soul-searching and do the right thing by admitting the “Message” is a hoax and encourage the deluded followers to seek Christ to the fullest extent possible. Stop promoting the idea of “Prophet Brother Branham” and “Christ Branham” and stop selling and distributing “tapes” and pamphlets of William Branham’s sermons. Instead encourage people to read their bibles and pray for full understanding of God’s Word, not Branham’s word. I realize that you may not have a good strategy to extract yourselves out of this mess, so pray and ask God to help you with this task. It is important to mention that I have chosen to send this letter to the two of you in an open forum as I do not trust that you would even read it if I sent it to your business headquarters WITHOUT money attached. I have full confidence that you (or at least your agents) will read this letter as you regularly follow internet forums like Seek the Truth in order to gauge the pulse of the “Message” community as well as the survivors of the cult. I have also decided to not sign my full name as I am afraid of the possible dangers associated with fringe “Message” followers who have resorted to threats of violence to other ex-message followers for expressing their concerns and disgust associated with the cult.


A former follower of Branham of his "Message," now a follower of Jesus Christ and His Redeemed.