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Did We Catch Billy Paul Branham Lying About Vandalia?

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Did We Catch Billy Paul Branham Lying About Vandalia?

Growing up in the "Message," the mind control cult following of William Branham, we can all remember the "testimony" of Billy Paul Branham as he described his experience as a child. According to Billy Paul, he was part of the "angelic visitation" that kick-started William Branham's (second) ministry.

Billy Paul's testimony is important, because his "witness" is the only "evidence" that William Branham had such an "angelic visitation." We cannot use William Branham's own brother's testimony -- William Branham's brothers do not appear to have believed William Branham was anything more than a Pentecostal minister who appealed to the crowds. Therefore, we are left with only Billy Paul, William Branham, and the many contradictory "life stories" we can find on recorded sermon.

But does Billy Paul Branham's statements match William Branham's? And shouldn't they match, since an "angelic visitation" would be the single-most life-changing experience a person on the face of this planet could have? Wouldn't this be unforgettable?

As children in a cult, we listened to these stories in awe, never stopping to consider that these men might not be telling the truth. We never critically examined their testimony for accuracy, and until recently, did not have the ability to line the stories up chronologically to see how they changed over time. Now that we have this technology, and now that we can examine the statements by the two men, we find the inconsistencies stick out like a nine-hundred-pound gorilla dressed in a tutu trying to hide among grade-school ballet dancers.

William Branham claims that the "angel" was whirling "round and round" the top of the room, as he often claimed with this "creature of light." Yet Billy Paul appears "shocked" that the "angel" was NOT swirling around! Branham claims that his brother woke Billy Paul for this terrifying event, yet Billy Paul describes his father gently waking him. Branham claims that Billy Paul was terrified -- as we would expect -- and began screaming uncontrollably. Yet Billy Paul describes a calm conversation between a boy and his father! Branham claims that the angel refused to answer him as to whether or not to wake Billy Paul, yet Billy Paul claims he discussed the event with his father, and that the "angel" instructed William Branham to wake him. ... and appears to get "emotional" that he was selected to be awakened!

What part of this story can we truly say is honest? If Billy Paul is our only "witness" -- even though Branham claims there were others in the room -- why did we believe his "testimony" if it did not match William Branham's "testimony?" Is Billy Paul Branham being honest? Was William Branham honest in the first place?