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Message Mind Control - Destructive Cult Structure

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Message Mind Control - Destructive Cult Structure:

An authoritarian destructive cult is structured much like a pyramid. The closer you go towards the top, the fewer people you will find. And the further you go towards the bottom, the harder it is for people to be promoted to the next level. Steven Hassan captures this well in his book, "Combating Cult Mind Control," in an image he titles, "Destructive Cult Structure."

At the top of the pyramid, you will find the elite. Usually the cult leader (central figure) and his family, this position is reserved for the inner circle of power. And this is a line that cannot be crossed. No cult follower can become the central figure, and very few will ever be promoted to the inner circle of secrets.

Underneath the central figure, you have "sub-leaders." In Pentecostal-style cults, these are typically chief pastors who have mastered the ability to lead by oppression. The more rigid their rules, the more difficult it is to rise from being a basic rank and file member. They must present a challenge to be part of the "elect group," and this challenge will often become increasingly more difficult as time continues.

Each "sub-leader" will have his core devotees. These are the people who succeed in mastering the challenge, without questioning, and have a strong desire to become enforcers. Often reporting the activities of the rank and file members, these core devotees help guard the flock like sheepdogs on the prairie.

But most interesting, especially in the mind control cult called the "Message," are the fringe members. These are the groups of people who cannot even make the pyramid structure, and therefore decide to create their own. In most mind control cults, the pyramid structure is well organized and finely tuned to control the people. But because of William Branham's untimely death before fully establishing the pyramid structure, "Message" cult fringe members create their own miniature pyramid structures.

As outliers, their pyramids will never grow to the scale of the cult as a whole, but they will try very hard to grow them. Unlike the main body of "Message" cult followers, most of the fringe groups aggressively recruit rank and file members. Some even place themselves at the very top of their structures rather than the cult leader who is no longer living.

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