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William Branham and the Official 1907 Birthdate

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William Branham and the Official 1907 Birthdate:

Since publishing William Branham's marriage certificates displaying contradicting birth years, several questions have poured in. Cult followers, indoctrinated to believe that William Branham was "born under a sign" in 1909 are outraged to see that Branham denied his own testimony when he married Hope Brumback. In a marriage certificate to Hope, Branham signed "1908" as his birth year, denying his "life story" concerning an "astronomer" who [allegedly] claimed he was born under a planetary alignment.

According to testimonies coming in from followers and ex-followers, the response from Voice of God Recordings is that it was "common" in Kentucky for people not to know their age or what year they were born. To which we quickly reply: "Really?"

But very few are aware of the other year Branham gave for his birth. It wasn't 1909 as Branham claimed in his life stories and marriage to Meda. It wasn't 1908 as Branham affirmed on a government document for his marriage to Hope Brumback. Government records and Branham's own testimony declare 1907 as the birth year for William Branham. When praising the cult leader John Alexander Dowie, Branham claimed that he was born the very year Dowie died, which was 1907:

How Doctor Dowie, in his death, prophesied that I would come to that city forty years from the time that he died. Not knowing nothing about it, he died on one day, and I was borned on the next. And forty years to the day I entered the city, not knowing nothing about it. Oh, how God's great move is coming together. I hear the sound of abundance of rain.
- Branham, 51-0929 - Our Hope Is In God

In all fairness, one might give Voice of God Recordings the benefit of the doubt. Maybe THIS family in Kentucky did not know their ages or the years in which they were born. It is quite possible that mental illness played a factor, which Branham himself admitted on recorded sermon.

But parents of toddlers do not forget.

According to a 1910 Census, William Branham's parents told census officials that William Branham was three years old at the time of his past birthdate. The census was taken April 21, 1910, only weeks after young William turned three. Would a parent forget the age of their toddler?

Apparently, they did not. According to a 1920 Census, William Branham's parents told census officials that William Branham was age 12 at the time of his past birthdate. Since the 1920 Census was taken in January, and Branham's last birthday would have been in April 1919, this also places Branham's birth year as 1907. (1919-12 = 1907)

Those unfamiliar with the United States census process at the turn of the century might need some clarification. The Branham family did not actually write the values in the census report. A person physically visited the houses, spoke with the head of the household, and collected the information. In the Kentucky dialect from the part of Kentucky this was taken, the hillbilly accent for pronouncing "Branham" sounds very much like "Brain-on," which is what the census worker inscribed. But the 1920 Census is much easier to understand, Branham's mother and all of Branham's siblings are listed with their ages.

We also have Branham's mother, "Ellie" (Ella) at age 23, and his brother "Wintry" (Winifred) at age one. These correspond to the ages we have for Branham's family in Kentucky. After this census report was taken, the Branham family migrated to Indiana.

So who should we believe? Should we believe William Branham, that his birth year is 1907? Or should we believe William Branham, that his birth year is 1908? Maybe we could believe William Branham that his birth year was 1909?

For me, his birth year is not important. Neither is the life story, which uses one of these years. My faith is not in an astronomer, as we find with this religious cult. For me, the problem is that Branham used the year 1907 to uplift another false prophet to claim an "Elisha" ministry to Dowie's "Elijah." And reviewing the government documents, it appears that he was being (somewhat) honest in believing that he was born in 1907.

Can this cult really claim that John Alexander Dowie had the "spirit of Elijah?"

New records uploaded to our government records page! And more to come! Stay tuned!

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