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When Will We Start Examining The Fruits

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When Will We Start Examining The Fruits:

Each time we post another example of horrific events taking place within the "Message" cult worldwide, we receive an outcry from those in the States who claim that their cult churches do not condone those evils. This week, we published articles describing the government's investigation into human trafficking within the "Message," as well as pastors stealing money, "Message" gang wars and more. And we've been publishing these things for quite some time now, each time with the same result: "Our cult church is not like that!"

At what point will cult followers begin examining the fruits of their "Message?" Do not they donate their hard-earned money to these organizations who are "evangelizing to the foreign nations i the newspaper articles we publish? Do not their churches, after collecting their tithing, contribute to the distribution through these cult evangelistic organizations? Aren't the cult followers indirectly responsible for the same evil we publish?

In the articles describing human trafficking, we found one testimony of a cult follower describing Joseph Branham's responsibility for the "Message" worldwide. It is very clear who provides the "spiritual food" these people are feeding upon. Each "message" received by these cult sects are "seeds," and when they continue to listen to the "prophet," those seeds grow. Are they growing in a healthy way?

To those writing in to tell us that the "Message" is not the problem, mistakenly thinking that the evil men caught in these horrific and tragic situations, we'd like to respond to your feedback with a question:

If the "Message" was healthy, producing fruit with a growth from God, would not these fruits look much differently?

For those of you who missed it:'Message'_Cult_Responsible_For_Human_Trafficking.aspx