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The Fruits of Sexual Abuse In The Cult Following of William Branham

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The Fruits of Sexual Abuse In The Cult Following of William Branham:

Earlier today, we posted a question to the followers of William Branham called "The Message," asking this: When will we start examining the fruits? The fruits of labor in the "Message" cult appears to be sexual molestation, corruption of all flavors -- from criminal to legal or spiritual, tax evasion, Ponsi schemes, human trafficking, and even murder. At what point will people start examining?

Later in the day, we got a response: "We have."

One former member sent us a blog post from 2010 describing yet another instance of sexual abuse in the "Message" cult. According to the article, a big name pastor's daughter was allegedly having oral sex with a member of the congregation. The article goes on to describe the abuser describing her sexual encounter with a friend, which eventually made its way back to the pastor (her father).

According to the article, the pastor did not take the appropriate measures. Instead of going to the source of the problem, the pastor pounced upon the victim. Instead of providing support to the victim, he amplified the abuse. Is this the way of a Christian minister?

At some point, we all must examine the fruits. Not simply because Jesus Christ instructed us to do so, though this should be every Christian's example. But simply for sake of common sense. Why would you NOT examine the fruits?

As this ex-member has informed us, some people have started examining the fruits. And that number is quickly growing. But why has not everyone began to examine the ministry?

If you hire a construction company and there are minor problems with your house, would you not examine the fruits of his work? What if there are larger issues? If you hire a plumber and the pipes start leaking, would you not examine all of his work? What if the entire house floods? At some point, like it or not, you will be examining the fruits of this cult ministry. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but at some point in time, you will be faced with a decision:

To follow the God of the Bible, whose fruits grow with a healthy growth, or follow the "god" of the "Message," whose fruits appear to be unhealthy and destructive.

The article sent in: