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Human Trafficking - For What Purpose Would They Let Evil Continue

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Human Trafficking - For What Purpose Would They Let Evil Continue:

Yesterday, we posted the news reports out of Nicaragua that described the government's investigation into human trafficking within the "Message" cult. According to newspapers, "Message" followers had killed policemen in a heated gun battle, which sparked an investigation into the cult following of William Branham. During the course of that investigation, government officials stated that there was an investigation into human trafficking.

Though it can honestly be stated that William Branham himself was not involved, and that his recorded sermons do not support human trafficking, the question must be asked: for what purpose would leaders in the "Message" let evil continue?

We received testimonies from people who grew up around the "Message" in its native form: those in Jeffersonville who strive to keep the "Message" as it was when William Branham was alive. Through his sons, Voice of God Recordings operates with that in mind. According to Joseph Branham's recorded statements, cult followers must make the "Message" their "absolute," and only then can Voice of God fellowship.

Following that statement to conclusion, we must assume that the "Message" sect in South America has made the "Message" their absolute. News reporters interviewing those involved with the sect under investigation report that they are followers of Joseph Branham, who (according to them) is "responsible for the 'Message" in the world." Can we also assume that Joseph Branham knew or promoted their doomsday gathering?

Ex-cult members who grew up in or around the Jeffersonville, Indiana area recall how much different the "native form" of the 'Message" is from some other Branham cult churches in the United States. In some cult churches, worship of the Branham family is non-existent, save for the worship of the "prophet" who died in 1965. In some cult churches, Branham's sons are considered nothing more than very wealthy men who "put their pants on one leg at a time just like I do." But in the Jeffersonville area, there are numerous sub-sects operating within the same four walls of any of the churches. There are those who worship the Branham family, some who even pray in Joseph Branham's name. There are those who condemn that, yet pray and even baptize in William Branham's name. Why do they let this evil continue?

I asked the same question the very day I left the cult. I asked the former pastor of the Branham Tabernacle why he did not condemn it from behind the pulpit. I asked friends and family how they can convince themselves that this was NOT idolatry. In all cases, people under the mind control of the "Message" were in fear of speaking negatively against the Branham family -- even though they claimed not to worship them. Can they really say that they do not?

One testimony sums up our experiences in the "native form" of the "Message" while living in Jeffersonville. :


It seems to me like the nightmare never ends! When I was a little girl, I was nearly trampled by a throng of people trying to see Joseph at Spoken Word. At that time, I expressed the concern that crossed my heart as a child. Surely Joseph will make them stop, but he did nothing! It would have been so easy! A few years later at

Easter, I watched Billy Paul trying to get Joseph to "come forth." Minutes earlier, I had sat on the platform with him, while my grandfather recorded the service. Once again my heart raced and I was filled with fear as I watched how the congregation behaved. I thought only one person can stop this, but he didn't! My heart stopped in church every time I heard the name of Jesus substituted for Joseph.

My little body grew cold in fear when people would slam their chair seats up, and walk out of church, if the pastor didn't play a tape. I knew deep within me, a man could stop this, but he didn't. Now I'm a grown woman, and I continue to watch from a distance. I'm powerless! Tears rush down my face as I read about children suffering under the guise of the message, when the gospel could give them life! Once again I wonder, why won't he make it stop? Joseph has the power to set these children free!! I hope and pray that he does the right thing and stops this horrific abuse!

But whoever shall offend one of these little ones who believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.
- Matthew 18:6

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