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Is The 'Message' Cult Responsible For Human Trafficking?

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Is the 'Message' Cult Responsible For Human Trafficking?

After a violent shootout between "Message" cult leaders and police, newspaper reporters started investigating the rise of a cult in South America that originated in Jeffersonville, Indiana. According to the cult members, Joseph Branham was responsible for group being investigated by reporters for their quickly growing camps of men, women, and children. Recently, members of this group have abandoned their possessions to join the "Message" cult waiting for the rapture. Said one follower:

"Besides the Bible, on the desktop displays a Christmas greeting sent him lovingly Brother Joseph. "He is the son of the prophet Branham and responsible for their message in the world," says this man of medium height who traveled on Thursday to the village of Ayapal, 305 kilometers from Managua, in the northern department of Jinotega."

No matter who is responsible for their current growth, hoards of people are migrating. And at the center of controversy is Javier Sanchez, pastor who appears to be leading the group. According to witness testimony, Sanchez was one of two men who not only were influenced by William Branham's teaching -- they knew Branham.

"Supposedly they had him as an angel and that the anointed anointed them and others who were to preach because he was an angel. They were influenced by men who also knew of the Bible and the Evangelist, brother Branham, one is of Leon and another in Venice. One is Javier Sanchez and the other Roberto Alvarado. These men went to the mountains and the first led to believe a doctrine that called immortality. "

But there may be more going on than meets the eye. According to news reports, the group is under investigation for human trafficking.

"For its part, the National Police opened an investigation on suspicion of a case of human trafficking. However, Commissioner Fatima Flores, head of the Police of Chinandega, who rushed to the scene, argued: "I will not give statements.""

Is the "Message" responsible for human trafficking? If so, shouldn't the son "responsible for the 'Message'" also be responsible
for the children?

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