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Cub Corner - Where Is Jesus?

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Cub Corner Child Indoctrination School - Where Is Jesus?

Recently there was quite a stir happening in Jeffersonville. One of the relatives of a "Message" child being programmed in the Cub Corner Indoctrination School suddenly realized that the focus of the classroom was entirely centered upon William Branham and not Jesus Christ. Even for some in the cult following of William Branham, this is a problem. Not only is it against the family's proclamation that their church is Christ centered and not Branham centered, many in the cult would agree that William Branham himself would be appalled. Though there are many things Branham said that we disagree with, this one proclamation we fully support:

Well now, we want to speak, as every meeting, about Jesus Christ. And He's the Center of our worship, the Center of our attraction, the Center of our life, all that we have and want—are and will be is based upon Him. He was the One Who came and gave His life for us, come down from God, out of glory, and was made flesh, dwelled among us. And taken upon us—upon Him the sin of us all, the sickness of us all, bore it away to Calvary, and there paid the price. He's worthy of all praise that can be given Him.
Branham, 54-0228E - Looking For Jesus

But as with any mind-control programming centers, children in the Indoctrination School are surrounded by cult propaganda. Images of "the prophet" stare them in the face as teachers indoctrinate them about the cult belief system. When we first glanced through the photos, the immediate question was raised, "Where is Jesus?"

It wasn't until we scanned through other photos that we found one single photo of Jesus hanging on the wall behind the children -- not on the front wall behind the teacher. And it was the "cult-approved" photo of Jesus that is more symbolic to the "prophet" than Jesus Christ himself. It's the photo that adults place into clouds to create other iconic photos, or overlay William Branham himself to proclaim that William Branham was the return of Jesus Christ. As the former pastor of the Branham Tabernacle said, they believe that William Branham was "God tabernacled in human flesh."

It's disheartening to see these children being programmed. They aren't given a choice in life -- they are forced with undue influence from a very early age. Their lives will be subdued and even oppressed while bound by the indoctrinated fear that sustains the mind control.

Where is Jesus? He's looking down from heaven asking how a people could trade a mortal human for the God of the Universe.