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New Government Records Online:

The Indiana Secretary of State has now made the Articles of Incorporation available for Spoken Word Publications, and the documents describing the creation of this business entity and dissolution of this business entity is now available on our records page.

Five years after the "Ashley-Ayers Evangelistic Association" is formed to spread the "Elijah ministry" of the homosexual transvestite Leslie Douglas Ashley, whom Branham travelled to Houston, TX to support as a "mysterious cloud" hovered over northern Arizona, another business entity was created to spread the "Elijah ministry" for the man who apparently created the former transvestite "Elijah." It was named "Spoken Word Publications."

In July of 1969, Roy Borders opened the business entity as president, Floyd Patterson as vice-president, and Roy Roberson as secretary-treasurer.

This business was part of the multi-corporation entity "Ordinary People International" and multi-corporation entity "Ordinary People National" created in 1984. The Branhams, Larry Ervin, Floyd Patterson, Fred Sothmann, T. L. Osborn, and Kenneth Hagan create a joint organization to broadcast the ministries of WBEA, VOGR, Spoken Word, Osborn Ministries, Kenneth Hagan Ministries, Larry Erwin Ministries, and local, state, national, and international news. That business entity was dissolved by the state government after failure to report earnings. Two years later, in 1989, "Spoken Word Publications" was dissolved.

But from 1984 when Voice of God Recordings was created until 1989 when it was dissolved, it would appear that the two business entities were in competition -- outside of the "Ordinary People" union has every appearance of a shell corporation. How did the arrangement for competition work? Why were there multiple corporations operating separately, and why did they combine forces with T. L. Osborn and Kenneth Hagan?

New records on! And more to come! Stay tuned!