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Message Mind Control - Hypnosis and Metaphor Therapy

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Message Mind Control - Hypnosis and Metaphor Therapy:

When I mention the word "hypnosis," most people immediately have a mental image of a black-and-white scene where a man in a suit is swinging a pocket watch back and forth to amuse a crowd when his patient barks like a dog. Hypnotists who cleverly persuade the human mind to do amusing and absurd acts on stage has been around for decades, even centuries. But even if this comparison sounds silly, there is one aspect that you can compare to mind-control cult hypnosis: it is very easy to achieve. Otherwise, there wouldn't be hypnotic stage acts.

But hypnosis comes in many forms. For instance, a common and simple technique is for the hypnotist to stare directly "through" the patient's eyes to a point about four inches beyond their eyeballs. This can invoke a low-level trance and make the patient more open to suggestion. Those in the "Message" cult who were still living when William Branham was alive remember the "prophet's eyes," how he could "peer into your very soul!" From all descriptions of William Branham's private interviews and private conversations, it sounds very much like he had mastered the elementary hypnotic techniques.

Hypnotic techniques can be used for good. A hypnotist can invoke a trance to help a drug addict detest cocaine. A patient with anxiety can be put at ease. Hypnosis help with all sorts of addiction recovery, be used to conquer mental fears, improve work ethics, store and retrieve memories, and more. Even physical ailments can be cured, especially those ailments that are a direct or indirect result of anxiety or mental oppression.

Of all the types of hypnosis, the most interesting to those set free from the "Message" mind control cult is "Metaphor Hypnosis," or the technique of story telling to invoke a mental trance.

Metaphor therapy is easy, and some people naturally use hypnotic story telling to captivate their audience. But it is very powerful, more powerful than the average story teller can realize. When combined with other hypnotic technique, Metaphor therapy is really effective for personal transformation.

Metaphor therapy comes in two basic forms: telling stories, and exploring the metaphors that are used to make sense of the world. Or as William Branham would call them, "types." Stories pass on cultural or religious traditions, connect the patients' situations to isolated events, reframe the actual experience and open up the listeners' minds to solve emotional issues -- some of which may be resulting in physical.

Human beings are biologically wired to recognize patterns. By recognizing patterns, we make sense of the world. Telling stories about days gone by can be appealing to listeners, but when used to display a pattern that the listener can recognize, it can begin to work on the subconscious and even the unconscious. Comparing similarities between their life and elements of the story will invoke the biological wiring to recognize patterns, and listeners become open to the power of suggestion and even hypnotic trance.

When Hitler used mass persuasion to convince a nation that genocide was acceptable, many scientists and psychologists began to study how this was achieved. Some studied it for psychological warfare, but others out of sheer curiosity. Books, magazines articles, and even newspapers began announcing basic and even advanced hypnotic techniques, and the art of hypnosis was suddenly available to the hands of both good and evil men.

Another development that began to affect the general population was the popularization of hypnosis. People were introduced to certain techniques for inducing hypnotic trance— but often without adequate consideration of the ethical aspects of working with the subconscious mind. Originally these group process methods were used only on willing participants, and many people reported positive experiences. Soon, though, some of these techniques percolated out into the general culture, where they became available for anyone to abuse. Unscrupulous persons began using them to make money and gain power by manipulating a coterie of followers. (My earlier discussion of Neuro-Linguistic Programming provides one common example.) Unfortunately, with the Internet, it is easy to download such information and training and to use it to manipulate
- Steven Hassan. Combating Cult Mind Control

I often think back to my days in the "Message" cult, quite shocked at how many hours I wasted each day listening to the recorded sermons of William Marrion Branham. Like others who describe their experience, we "felt different" when we listened to his many stories. Some claimed that it "drove evil spirits away," and that there was a strange sense of peace that filled the room when the Indiana preacher began a Hitler style rant we once called a "sermon." After fully analyzing these "sermons," many are shocked to find that many recordings are about ninety percent story, two percent greetings, and a very minimal amount of actual religious content. Most of the sermons were nothing more than Metaphor Therapy.

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