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Message Mind Control - Life With Father

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Message Mind Control - Life With Father:

One of the most unique aspects of the "Message" is that there is no globally accepted living father figure or board who makes executive decisions. To the between two and four million followers in the mind control cult, William Branham is the "father figure," and he lives forever through his recorded sermons from 1947 to 1965.

When the cult identity is created for members of a mind control cult, personality traits are molded into the mindset of the members through the indoctrination process. New recruits are unaware of the change as it is happening, and the difference is often so significant that the "new person" is vastly different from the "old person." Family members that have contacted me about their son or daughter who joined the "Message" cult often tell me that they don't recognize their child any more, and that they are nothing like before. After listening to their new descriptions, it's surprising that they often sound like "miniature brother Branhams."

Ironically, the "brother Branham" they become is usually the one presented in the recorded sermons -- not the real William Branham that once lived a normal (and very human) lifestyle. My family was very close to the Branham family. My grandfather was Branham's close associate and pastor of his church from 1965 to 2015. My father was best friend and childhood playmate to Branham's youngest son, while my uncle spent a great deal of time with both Branham's oldest son and youngest. Both of my aunts were childhood playmates with Branham's daughters. The insights my family and other families give into the private life of the cult leader is vastly different from the picture painted by cult leaders today. One cannot imagine "God tabernacled in human flesh" telling racial jokes, or making prank telephone calls. The cult of today pictures a William Branham who is strongly opposed to television or movies, and cannot picture the real William Branham who often watched television and frequented the theaters. Why? The cult of today has adapted their "central figure" as the William Branham presented on the recorded sermons -- not the real William Branham.

Hassan describes the "Message central figure" very well:

Once I had become totally indoctrinated, all I wanted to do was to follow my central figure’s instructions. I was so committed that my new identity completely suppressed the real me. Whenever I look back now, I am amazed at how I was manipulated and how I learned to manipulate others “in the name of God.” I can also see very clearly that the higher I rose in the hierarchy, the more corrupted I became:
- Steven Hassan. Combating Cult Mind Control

The very first question families ask after their child or sibling has been programmed with the mind control of the "Message" cult is, "How can we change them back?" Along with the good traits of the "central figure," the cult identity accepts the bad traits. And since the "central figure" is the "virtual William Branham" from the recordings instead of the real William Branham that my family knew, the bad traits far exceeded the good.

Can we change them back? Can a person in a mind control cult regain their authentic identity? Are they stuck with the new identity of the central figure forever? Stay tuned for more!

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