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Did The ... Message ... Bride of Christ Shrink

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Did The ... Message ... Bride of Christ Shrink:

Is Joseph Branham now displaying shrinkage? Has the "Message" Bride of Christ diminished by millions of followers?

At the time that started, proudly announced that between two and four million followers worldwide were in the "Message," the mind control cult following of William Marrion Branham. This number has been used on many sites describing the cult following, especially those that promote the ministry. It is a number that we have used many times to describe the following.

Here is one example of another website who used VOGR's analytics to describe the following:

"The Voice of God website claims that 'upwards of 2 million people worldwide believe Brother Branham’s Message'"

Today, in 2015, this is a number we cannot find on Voice of God Recordings's website or publications. Using the google site search to query the keywords, we cannot find the page with the statistics of "2 million people," the page we referenced that stated "between 2-4 million people," nor any page that offers any statistic in the millions.

What we can find is a single blog post from October 22, 2015 that claims that the "Bride of Christ" of "tens of thousands of people" is represented by one testimony in South Africa.

"If you haven’t noticed it, there is a stir among the Bride of Christ recently. More and more emails like this one are coming in from brothers and sisters who simply want to shout out the victory that God has given them in their lives. The following testimony from a brother in South Africa represents tens of thousands of people around the world who are feeling a stir in their lives and want to tell the whole world!"
-, 10-22-2015

To a member of the Bride of Christ who is not a "Message" cult follower, this would be offensive. While cult theology promotes the idea of an "elite" group who are better than other Christians, the Bible tells us that all who believe in the Gospel of Jesus Christ is saved:

And he said to them, “Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation. Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned.
- Mark 16:15-16

But would this not be offensive to the cult following itself? How do they determine which of the other three-and-a-half million of their cult following are no longer "bride?"