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Billy Paul Divorce - Deciphering Court Shorthand

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Billy Paul Divorce - Deciphering Court Shorthand:

After recently publishing government documents that are in direct conflict with William Branham's recorded statements concerning the first marriage and divorce of his eldest son, we've been flooded with questions. How could William Branham allow this when he was so harshly against remarriage after divorce? Why did he claim to be against the first marriage when he gave his consent? Why would William Branham twist the truth about the first marriage? How can cult preachers punish the people who were in failed marriages when most of them know that Billy Paul Branham was remarried after a failed first marriage?

But the biggest question of all come from people who want to know more about the first marriage. Looking over the proceedings that resulted from the initial file for divorce, many notice that the shorthand used by the court transcriptionist is very difficult to read. Not only is it cursive, the shorthand is almost another language.

To make it easier, we've contacted one of our legal experts to analyze the document, and to help translate the text written in shorthand. According to them, the text reads as follows:


9-23-53 Complaint and copies from summons order issued returned Motion and Affidavit for temporary allowance and restraining order Notice and issued returned 9-28-53 Restraining order issued

11-16-53 Defendant files issue in two parts

12-14-53 Plaintiff files answers to cross complaint trial by court finding for cross complainant on cross complaint and for defendant on complaint and answer marriage of plaintiff and cross complainant annulled and held for naught costs paid judge


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