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Message Mind Control - Destructive Cults

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Message Mind Control - Destructive Cults:

When I was first interviewed by WHAS, a local news station for the broadcast area of Louisville, Kentucky, I accepted on one single condition: I did not want them to use the word "cult" to describe the following of William Branham. At the time, I did not know that the "Message" was a mind control cult, and quite frankly did not know the full meaning of the word.

The word "cult" is far more offensive in the aftermath of the Jonestown Massacre, where cult leader Jim Jones used mind control to convince the cult identities of over 900 people to take their lives using cyanide-laced Kool-Aid. But in its original usage, it simply described the followers of a leader or deity. Early writings describe the "Jesus Cults" as Christianity spread, and many Christians today would be pleased to be identified as a follower of Christ.

The reason that Jonestown changed the usage of the word "cult" is that it was a black-and-white example of a "destructive cult." A destructive cult systematically violates the rights of their members through different types of mind control, from fear tactics to hypnosis and more. People who stay in these destructive cults suffer damage to their self esteem, as well as their entire sense of identity.

As difficult as it may be to believe, in recent decades we have seen the rise of organizations in our society that systematically violate the rights of their members, subject them to many kinds of abuse, and actively diminish their capacity to think and act as responsible adults. People who stay in these organizations suffer not only damage to their self-esteem, but to their whole sense of identity and their connection with the outside world. In some cases they completely lose contact with family and friends for long periods of time. If they leave, those born into destructive groups are often shunned as evil and as “unbelievers” or “apostates”. Often, they are vilified and lies are told about them to members to keep them “faithful” and afraid to speak with defectors to hear their side of the story. Family members and friends are typically ordered to reject them and often have no contact with them.
- Steven Hassan. Combating Cult Mind Control

Many who have escaped the cult following of William Branham describe their experience as dreadful and horrifying. Some describe it as the most difficult time of their life, because they were labeled as "unbelievers" or "apostates." Losing family and friends, they suddenly find themselves rebuilding their lives with an entirely new support group. This is very common in a destructive mind control cult.

I once received an email from a "Message" cult follower, asking why we called Branham's following a "cult." "How can you call this a cult," they asked, "when there are no walls surrounding it and no armed guards with assault rifles to keep the people inside?"

Once their followers are programmed, mind control cults need no rifles or ammunition to contain those under undue influence. Fear of losing family and friends, fear of eternal separation and hell fires, and other fears hold people captive.

Many in the "Message" cult describe their living in constant fear -- especially those who were born and raised under the influence of William Branham's hundreds of recordings. Through a rhythmic, pulsating, screaming voice, William Branham instilled constant fear of the outside world. Former members describe their fears of the Communist Scare, Atomic Scare, UFO Scare, Russian Invasion, being raped, beaten, separated, and accidentally offending the Holy Spirit to be eternally separated from God, friends, and family.

Without knowing it, people are trapped inside of a destructive mind control cult, slaves to the leader and community. Critical thinking suppressed until it is no longer available to the authentic identity. Though they joined what appeared to be a respectable organization, they find themselves bound in invisible chains that appear much to large to break.

But as we continue examining the mind control techniques of the "Message," you will learn that these chains can be broken.

Stay tuned for more!

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