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Back To The Future - More Accurate Than The Message

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Back To The Future - More Accurate Than The Message:

When Seek The Truth first started, the website was focused solely upon the prophecies of William Marrion Branham. The true, scriptural, test for a prophet is to examine his prophecies. Were they accurate? Were they ... fully ... accurate? If even one minor detail was not true, even William Branham himself said to hang a sign on his back and label him a false prophet.

Over time, and with each prophecy we examined, we found huge problems. In fact, as more information about any given "prophecy" was identified, William Branham himself was forced to change the details to match recorded history. (And he claimed on recorded tape that Gene and Leo were revising them to bring them more up to date.

Interestingly, he condemned Hollywood from 1947 to 1965. And some of the "prophecies" were directed towards Hollywood, such as the failed prophecy of Marilyn Monroe and Hollywood's influence on electing John F. Kennedy, which Branham claimed to fulfill the prophecy of the "woman elected president"

Let's have a match. Hollywood versus William Branham. Who has more accurate prophecies?