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The Message - A Mind Control Cult

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The Message - A Mind Control Cult:

"Why do you call 'The Message' a cult?"

This is a question we receive quite often, especially from those who are in the religious following of William Branham. As followers stumble onto this site and its articles, and having been a victim of the control of information, some find it quite shocking that a former member would use the word "cult" to describe the group that is known as "The Message."

In 2013, Seek The Truth published a blog post entitled "Signs of a Cult" that compared the religious following of William Branham to a set of criteria that are used to determine whether or not a religious group should be labeled a "cult." Those metrics came from a book entitled "Combating Cult Mind Control" by author Steven Hassan.

At the time of the blog post, my knowledge of the subject was very limited. Having only recently found freedom from this Pentecostal-style religious cult myself, my perception was largely skewed by the indoctrination I had received from birth. Like others in the cult, I was programmed with a very black-and-white mindset of angelic and demonic forces ruling the world we lived in. It was difficult to distinguish between "mind control" and what I thought to be "demons" when encountering followers who displayed a clear and distinguishable difference between their cult identity and their real personality.

In March of 2015, Hassan published a second edition of the book, "Combating Cult Mind Control." To any who have been programmed in the cult following of William Branham, reading this book will be a very eye-opening experience. A number of ex-cult members have given me feedback that this book described their life within the cult, and were suddenly shocked to learn just how much mind control was involved in their indoctrination.

Hassan is a former cult member who has been educating the public about mind control and destructive cults since 1976, and has appeared on 60 minutes, CNN, NPR, Good Morning America, The Today Show, Larry King Live, Oprah, Dr. Drew, Dr. Phil, and many other programs. Featured in People Magazine, USA Today, Newsweek, The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, The Guardian, and dozens of other major publications and websites, his expertise in examining and labeling mind control cults is recognized world-wide.

Apparently, "The Message" has been examined by his foundation, the "Freedom of Mind Resource Center." Along with the other destructive mind control cults, such as ISIS/ISIL, Al Qaeda, Heaven's Gate and more, the Freedom of Mind Resource Center now has a profile for the cult following of William Marrion Branham.

During the course of the next several weeks, we will be examining the mind control cult known as "The Message," as it relates to Hassan's book, "Combating Cult Mind Control." As the book teaser suggests, we will be helping you to:

* Recognize the signs of a destructive organization
* Protect yourself from psychological manipulation
* Rescue a friend or loved one from [this] destructive cult - without coercion
* Overcome the residual problems of cult membership

For those who are interested in following along, you can find links to his book and the mind control profile on the Freedom of Mind Resource Center below.

Stay tuned for more!

Combating Cult Mind Control (Second Edition):

Profile of "The Message" on Freedom Of Mind Resource Center: