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Still Waters Camp - Get The Young People

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Still Waters Camp - Get The Young People:

Before resigning, the former pastor of the Branham Tabernacle in Jeffersonville Indiana warned the public what was happening in the Still Waters children's indoctrination camp. His warning: "If you get to the young people, eventually you get the parents. And if you get the parents, eventually you get their money."

Recently, a video was posted at one of the indoctrination sessions. After fully analyzing the technique, it is evident that mind control techniques are being used on the children. From gentle hypnotic techniques to different types of psychology, one can listen to children give praise to a story that most of the adults in the cult following of William Branham would find completely absurd.

William Branham's son, Billy Paul Branham, gives a "testimony" about a "Message boy" who could drive five-ton trucks that have no engine inside of it. We can clearly see the hypnotic techniques of painting an image of a hero into the minds of the children, binding themselves to that image, and pretending to focus upon one element of the story while letting the children's minds focus on the indoctrination they are attempting to place into their minds. Billy Paul asks children to believe that the "message god" can help a young man who has never driven, which within the realms of possibility. He never tells the children that the truck does not have an engine until the ending of the story, letting their faith in the story increase up to the climactic impossibility.

The message is one that is a common theme throughout William Branham's days of healing: "All things are possible, only believe."

Most Christians agree with that saying, and are easily lured into the "Message," mistakenly thinking that this is a normal (not a cult) group of Christians. And William Branham's faith system was focusing upon healing of the body -- something that most Christians also agree upon. God does heal the body, and with God, all things are possible.

But imagine this story without all of the elements of mind control. Remove the deception, remove the mysterious achievements by "insiders" and the exclusion of "outsiders," and picture this camp as any other normal Christian children's camp.

What would you say if you asked the camp instructor what they were going to speak about, and his reply was this:

"We're going to teach your children that they are the elite, and that their god is more powerful than the God of other Christians. We're going to train your children to believe they are being persecuted. We're going to train your children to see themselves as different from other Christians. We're going to teach them that they can have special powers, like driving five ton trucks with no engines!"

... As the "normal" (not programmed) Christian shields their children's ears as they place themselves between their child and the lunatic, I can imagine their response:

"I think we're going to leave now, honey, let's run to the car!"

The video of Billy Paul indoctrinating children:

Where did he get his idea?