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Voice of God Recordings - Hiding King George

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Voice of God Recordings - Hiding King George:

Recently, I was shocked to learn that the French-speaking members of the "Message" were unfamiliar with the mythology of William Branham "healing" King George. In fifty years' time since Branham's death in 1965, the organizations collecting donations to spread the sermons of William Branham around the globe have failed to translate the vast majority of the sermons.

During the past three years, we've tried to find some rhyme or reason to the choices of sermons translated, but there does not seem to be any pattern. We don't find any connection to the most popular sermons being translated, the most important doctrinal teachings, or any other intelligent reason for the choice of sermons made available to foreign language in countries outside the United States. But in retrospect, we were looking for things IN the tapes, not OUT of the tapes.

Is Voice of God Recordings hiding the story of King George? Are they purposefully choosing sermons that do not contain the stories that are so easily disproven?

In the "Table," the searchable website containing transcripts of William Branham's sermons, the English version of the index contains several hits when searching "King George." The query returns the following indexes:


Those of you interested can view the tiny list of sermons translated to French here:{1B9}&softpage=Browse_Frame_Pg42&x=0&y=0&zz=

First, we must identify which King George that William Branham was referring to -- both King George V and King George VI were alive during William Branham's life span. But King George V died in 1936 of Sepsis, which is caused by an immune response triggered by an infection. King George VI, however, lived until 1952. And events in his life match descriptions that William Branham gave of this King that he "healed." We know that Branham mentioned the King visiting Canada and becoming ill in the mid to late 1940's, both of which fit King George VI.

King George VI (Albert Frederick Arthur George) was King of the United Kingdom and the Dominions of the British Commonwealth from 11 December 1936 until his death in February of 1952. He was the last Emperor of India and the first Head of the Commonwealth.

William Branham claimed to have healed the king of "multiple sclerosis," a word sounding very similar to one of the king's ailments -- but a completely different disease. The king had "arteriosclerosis," which is the thickening, hardening and loss of elasticity of the walls of arteries. "Multiple sclerosis," which Branham claims to have healed the king from, is a disease of the brain and spinal cord (central nervous system) that cause disability and an array of symptoms from dizziness to complete blindness.

Due to his arteriosclerosis, the suffered an arterial blockage in his right leg, which threatened the loss of the leg and was treated with a right lumbar sympathectomy in March 1949. He also suffered from lung cancer, and on 23 September 1951, his left lung was removed by Clement Price Thomas after a malignant tumor was found.

In-between this time, Branham claims that a man in his prayer line was healed of multiple sclerosis, and after being healed, sent a letter to King George. And Branham claimed to have that letter, though none in the cult have ever seen it.

I believe that was the last night, the night the man was healed of multiple sclerosis, that sent the word to King George of England, which I have his statement. God had healed him. And the man had been bed patient ten years with multiple sclerosis. He's perfectly well tonight, glorifying God.
Branham, 50-0824 - To Whom Is The Arm Of The Lord Revealed?

But over time, this letter TO the king from a patient with multiple sclerosis BECAME the king. Branham started to claim that the King himself was healed of multiple sclerosis.

No, yours is not arthritis. If I'm not mistaken, yours is multiple sclerosis. Is that right? If it is, raise your hand. That's right, lady. All right. I can see the way it's reacting back, lady. Now, have faith. King George of England was healed a few weeks ago of multiple sclerosis.
Branham, 50-0827E - Take The Rod And Gather The People

Later, Branham catches the crowd's attention with the shock of saying, "King George of England," but then continues to describe the man in his prayer line he mentioned in 1950.

When ... King George of England, when a man that... over at Saint or at Fort Wayne, Indiana, setting in a wheelchair, paralyzed from his waist down, a bed patient, ten years, multiple sclerosis. And I was preaching, some of his people tried to lift him up. He wanted to touch my trouser legs. Now, and they couldn't even get him to me. The... They formed a line of ushers and they... people was jumping over the ushers, like that, getting up. Wonderful, marvelous, that was the home of Paul Rader, B. E. Rediger, and them old daddies back yonder that preached Divine healing.
Branham, 51-0506E - At Thy Word

What is interesting is that Branham claims to have received correspondence from the King in response to the alleged letter by the man in the prayer line. Again, the cult following has never seen these letters, though Branham claims to have held the copies himself. But prior to the Kings's death, Branham claimed that the King was completely healed and well. "He's well. He's a well man."

Also interesting is that Branham did not understand the nature of multiple sclerosis. Branham seemed to think the disease in the central nervous system caused "ulcers," and according to Branham, those "ulcers" were gone.

The problem with this statement is the portion removed, and now labeled "blank spot on tape - ed." There appears to be many more details to the story that have been cut out, even in the English translations.

I've got a letter, a photostatic copy of it at home, where that that man, the one with the multiple sclerosis, about...?... [—Ed.]... his friend. And he jumped off of the tractor, run through the field. They grabbed one another up in their arms and lifted each other up and down, praising God. He was a friend to the king's private secretary, King George of England. Coming into the Jeffersonville office there, came a cablegram from King George of England, "Brother Branham, I understand through my secretary that one of his friends was healed of multiple sclerosis. I desire of you to come pray for me, that our Lord Jesus will heal me." And I know the Angel of God which said, "You'll pray for kings and monarchs and great men." Oh, I asked Him if I could go. Now, King George of England is healed of multiple sclerosis. He's well. He's a well man. His ulcers is gone. Oh, my.
Branham, 51-0506E - At Thy Word

But regardless of what Branham said on recording that has been removed, the issue still is raised: why did William Branham claim that King George was completely well? Was he really a "well man" when he suffered agonizing pain from the early to mid 1940's until his death in 1952? And why did William Branham continue to claim his healing for thirteen years after his death?

And the much more obvious question is the French translation. Voice of God Recordings is aware that a huge portion of the nation of Canada and the continent of Africa speak French. Did they purposefully remove the stories of King George? Were they aware that hundreds of books, documentaries, and historical records deny William Branham's claims?