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Was Hope Pregnant When She and William Branham Married

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Was Hope Pregnant When She and William Branham Married:

Is it possible that Hope was three months pregnant with Billy Paul when she and William Branham were married?

Yesterday, we posted the court documents on Billy Paul's first marriage to Ollie May Christopher, an eighteen-year-old-girl who William Branham claimed was a "some little kid still in common school," and it resulted in a flurry of emails and comments concerning this event. It stands in direct conflict with William Branham's account. Branham consented to the marriage on court documents, while claiming to have annulled the marriage.

But was this really the case? Was the woman the "common school kid," or was Billy Paul the "common school kid?"

On the marriage certificate, the birth year listed for Billy Paul Branham is 1934, while Voice of God Recordings lists Billy Paul as having been born in 1935. The marriage was August of 1953, and Billy Paul did not turn eighteen until September according to the date used on According to simple mathematics, it would appear that Billy Paul was seventeen years old, and it would also appear that he was untruthful on the marriage certificate. Was his first marriage legal? How long were they married?

Knowing what we now know, about a family who seems to struggle telling the truth about their personal lives, we must consider the fact that the earlier truth is usually more accurate than the "truth" we now know. It is quite possible that Billy Paul Branham was actually born in September of 1934.

There's just one huge problem with this birthdate. If Billy Paul Branham was born September 13, 1934, and Hope Brumback married William Branham on June 22, 1934, this would mean that Hope was over three months pregnant with Billy Paul when she and William Branham were married.

Which version of truth is accurate? Did William Branham have pre-maritial sex? Or did he lie about the details surrounding Billy Paul Branham's first marriage?

More to come! Stay tuned!

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