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"Little" David Walker and Branham's "Message"

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"Little" David Walker and Branham's "Message":

After posting our information about "Little David" earlier this week, some began to notice a strange similarity between the young child preacher's sermons and William Branham's sermons -- beyond the education level similarities. A "child prodigy" in the Pentecostal circles, "Little David" was quite a bit different from the other Pentecostal ministers of his day. The question came up, "How much did this 9 year old preacher impact the "Message" of William Branham?

Well, it is a good question. When one examines the drastic changes in the Reverend Raymond Hoekstra after the packed crowd of over 10,000 people in the Cadle Tabernacle of Indianapolis, Indiana, one suddenly notices that the changes in Hoekstra are strangely similar to the changes in Branham's "Message." Did the child also change William Branham?

It is comical to think about a nine-year-old child being the basis for the ministry of a current day cult of between two and four million followers. In fact, when one takes a step back to consider the fictional stories told in the "Message," it's hard not to laugh when thinking about it. Had a nine-year-old claimed that he had baptized five hundred people at one time, while newspaper reporters "packed the story all the way up into Canada," his parents would have simply reprimanded him for a tall tale. If a nine-year-old child claimed that God parted the heavens to announce him as the greatest thing since Jesus Christ, his parents would have washed his mouth out with soap.

But the question is valid -- how much DID this small child impact the "Message?" Was William Branham influenced by the child that he claimed to be "God's gift to the Church?"

We've taken a first stab at comparing the "child prodigy" to William Branham. If you missed the original post and want to join in the fun, you can find it here:,_Little_David,_Leslie_Ashley,_and_William_Branham.aspx

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