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What Was William Branham Hiding

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What Was William Branham Hiding:

For those of you asking for photo copies of the 1942 publication advertising William Branham's "Healing Ministry" long before his alleged "angelic visitation," we have uploaded both the blog post and the photographs of the publication to our website. You can find them in the "Research" section of the site, along with other interesting articles.

Each time we publish new information confirming William Branham's thriving "Healing Ministry" that existed before 1947, we receive many questions along the same lines: "Was William Branham dishonest about his angelic commission? If so, why? What was his motive?"

And at the same time, for those who are programmed fully to believe that William Branham's "Message" was consistent from start to finish, we receive questions on the opposite end of the spectrum: "What does this prove? Why are you wasting your time? Does not his healing ministry speak for itself?

Leaders in the "Message" have successfully withheld information from the people for well over seventy years. As with any mind control cult, the group could not survive without the control of information and the fear of critical thinking. When one has successfully broken through the barriers of fear that are implanted in the minds of the cult following, and one has the freedom to examine all of the issues without fear, many of these questions answer themselves.

There is only one reason why a person would be dishonest about his own "commission, and it is the same reason why a person would be dishonest about an "angelic visitation." And one need not look to the "Message" for this answer -- simply look at the internal structure of every mind control cult in recorded history.

Generally speaking, it is much easier to answer these questions by example. Joseph Smith of the Latter Day Saints (Mormons) also claimed to have been "commissioned" through "angelic visitation." And those who were empowered to critically examine Smith's ministry came to realize that many claims by Smith were invalid. None of it could be verified -- even though some claims included physical objects. Smith's "golden plates" were never recovered, in the same way William Branham's hand-written page of prophecies were never recovered.

Is God an author of confusion? Is God a narcissistic deity who asks his people to believe in ministries with issues that become more obvious over time? If all of the prophets of the Old Testament were to have hid their prophecies, how much thinner would your Bible be!

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