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1942 William Branham's Other Ministry

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1942: William Branham's Other Ministry:

When I first started Seek The Truth, I began compiling a list of all the major, fundamental concepts that we were required to believe. For those like myself, who grew up in a "Message" cult home -- and especially those of us with families who had "famous" last names within the cult, we recognized these key concepts as milestones to the coming Apocalypse. Implanted with fear of impending destruction, we not only lived the full and complete "Message" lifestyle according to the laws that William Branham presented, we studied and memorized all of the critical events in the timeline of our "prophet" that was going to lead us into the afterlife.

One of these critical milestones was 1947. According to William Branham, this was the moment it all started. May the 6th, 1947, was the "day that Israel became a nation" according to William Branham. (1948 according to Israel) But it was much, much more than that. This was the day William Branham was "visited by an angel," and was "given two signs." According to cult mythology, Jesus Christ himself came down to earth in the form of a Jehovah's Witness theology "archangel" to give William Branham the power to heal the body -- so long as the sick and afflicted believe in William Branham.

Avoiding the obvious question as to why not believe in this "angel" or in Jesus Christ, and avoiding the even more obvious question as to why he got the Israel date incorrect, there's just one huge problem with 1947: It appears to be his second attempt at a ministry.

The first time we found and discussed a copy of the 1945 pamphlet entitled "I Was Not Disobedient To The Heavenly Vision," we started receiving the question, "Was this a completely different ministry?" Those who have read the pamphlet recognize this to declare an already thriving ministry of healing, and through a completely different commission. Did William Branham find a better way to attract the crowds? Did he change the story to build a bigger following?

Recently, some of our ex-cult members came across old relics of William Branham's ministry, some of which pre-date the 1945 pamphlet and especially pre-date the 1947 ministry that we were all programmed to believe. Like the 1945 pamphlet, this is not an artifact you will find for sale in Voice of God Recordings. It is in strong disagreement with the core concept of the angelic visitation, which in reality is in disagreement with the entire core foundation of the "Message". ... or at least the "second Message" that Branham started spreading.

In 1942, William Branham had a healing revival with the Reverend S. E. Ramseyer from Evansville, Indiana. Even more interesting, he is featured with F. F. Bosworth, who founded the Assemblies of God. The publisher of the brochure got Branham's middle initial incorrect, using an "E" instead of an "M," but all are familiar with the photograph of Branham in the publication that was later used in cult memorabilia. Bosworth was listed as a "Bible Teacher" at the time, while Branham's "Healing Revival" publication listed William Branham as the "Evangelist."

To learn more about Bosworth

Fortunately, Reverend Ramseyer copyrighted the pamphlet in 1942 -- effectively placing a timestamp onto Branham's "Healing Ministry" that cannot be moved. And at the same time, Israel's becoming a nation is given a time stamp that cannot be moved. Neither of these dates match Branham's account of the angelic visitation, which cult members are now able to question since both 1942 and 1947 are supported by William Branham himself.

The problem is, while declaring Branham's words incorrect regarding his "angelic visitation," they are programmed with fear to study the other details given in his conflicting accounts of that event. For years, those of us who believed this tale hook-line-and-sinker were forced to decide which version of the mythology we liked better -- much like the ancient mythologies of Isis and Osiris. Like those in the Egyptian cults, we found it much easier to believe the many versions of the tale rather than study whether or not the tale was true.

Can both be true? Can Branham have been given his "gift of healing" in 1947 while having already been using that gift in 1942? Or was one of his ministries more truthful than the other? If so, which one?