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Something Was Wrong - Resignation From The Branham Tabernacle

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Something Was Wrong - Resignation From The Branham Tabernacle:

In August of 2015, the pastor, song leader, and entire deacon staff resigned from the Branham Tabernacle. Something was wrong.

According to resignation letters submitted by the deacons, and the letter submitted to the board of trustees, the conclusion made by the church board was that the Branham family were stealing property from the people of the church. Were they correct?

In our investigation at the courthouse in Jeffersonville, IN, we can confirm that church property was indeed transferred from the people of the Branham Tabernacle by Billy Paul Branham and Joseph Branham. In fact, we believe we have found other properties that have connections to church funds, based on our opinion after examining the names, signatures and property ownership. In our opinion, the deacons are correct.

One deacon resigned very peacefully, expressing his feelings after examining the evidence. It is a heart-felt resignation, and one can read between the lines to see the sincerity of the deacon who truly believes that the doctrines of this religious cult are scriptural. But though scriptural, and after the deacon board submitted their demands to the trustees, this deacon resigned.

The transcript of the resignation:

8/2015: It has been an honor to serve under you for the past 33 years. I believe that you have done your best to point souls to Christ through this end time message without wavering one bit in the time that I have known you.

I have decided to step down from the deacon board at this time. I will always look to you as a servant of God, and cannot thank you for all that I have learned from you. May God richly bless you.



We agree with this deacon. Something was wrong. But was it much, much bigger than just church property and alleged misuse of church funds?

The audio of the resignation:

The government records: