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Demanding The Return of Alleged Stolen Property

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Demanding The Return of Alleged Stolen Property:

Yesterday, we published a letter read by the former pastor of the Branham Tabernacle, demanding that the alleged stolen property be returned to the rightful owners. That single letter resulted in the resignations of the pastor, song leader, janitor, and entire deacon staff of the Branham Tabernacle in Jeffersonville, Indiana.

In the letter, it mentioned "one or two men" who allegedly stole this property, and we've received some questions and statements by followers of William Branham's "Message" who are not clear as to the nature of this letter. Who were these "two men"? What are the "organizations" they mention? We'd like to clarify a bit, so that others can better understand.

This letter was sent to the trustee board, and was a result of a plot of land that was deeded away from the church without (as I understand it) the knowledge of the congregation. The signature on the transfer that we see on government records is "William Paul Branham." Other plots of land include signatures of Joseph Branham and Roy Borders, however I am not aware if the deacon board knew about those transfers at the time this letter was written.

To those who missed yesterday's post, here is the transcript of the letter sent to the trustees of the Branham Tabernacle:
To the trustees of the Branham Tabernacle, August 5, 2015. Since very little was resolved in the recent board meeting, we have determined that the trustees must do their duty concerning the restoring of the Tabernacle to the people as it is stated in 1953 deed.

It is not for the pastor to go to anyone and ask that the tabernacle be returned. He has nothing to do with giving it away. The property was signed away by one trustee. And he is responsible for the return of said property.

Therefore, once again, we demand that the trustee responsible for this error return the property to the rightful owners. This is the property of the people. It is not the property of one or two men.
Brother Branham deeded the Branham Tabernacle to the people because he wanted it to be that way. This must be taken care of immediately.

[elders of the Branham Tabernacle]

Audio of the resignation:

Government records: