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William Branham Pastor Convicted of Rape and Pornography

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William Branham Pastor Convicted of Rape and Pornography:

When followers of William Branham stumble onto this website and after having spent a great deal of time reading through the articles which overturn many of the statements they have heard from cult pastors for decades, they contact us to voice their opinion. At first, their statements are vague and generally based off of a small set of programmed defense statements they have overheard during the course of a pastor's sermon. Avoiding the human emotion after the insults we receive, I always try to bring focus back to the issues with the ministry and the many ways in which they relate back to Scripture. But more times than not, they respond with this question:

"What does it matter?"

After having studied the doctrinal issues, especially within a religious cult, this statement is not as it seems. Even a basic study of scriptures will reveal that doctrinally, there is much that matters with electing another mediator between God and man, as this cult does with William Branham. There is much that matters to serve a different Jesus, as the Apostle Paul states throughout his letters. Those who ask this question are not referring to the religious matters, but are asking what it matters if they stay in the religious cult following of William Branham outside of doctrinal matters.

Our response is simple: "Do a google search." Since this website began in 2012, we have done many searches through internet search engines, newspaper archives, magazine archives and more. And every six months to a year, that same search returns different results -- as the search engines index more and more instances of criminal activity, the results will rank higher or lower in the query. For instance, one search users might conduct is the simple phrase, "Wililam Branham rape."

In 2012, this type of search returned articles about Paul Schaefer, a pastor in the Branham cult who strapped several boys onto metal beds, stripped naked, blindfolded with wax plugs in their ears while he tortured them with an electric prod. One victim describes how he was repeatedly raped starting at age seven.

In 2014, the Google search engine indexed one William Branham cult pastor named Robert Gumbura. There were many articles returned for this pastor who viewed his church as his sexual playground, and because of recent articles, this pastor has been pushed up to page two of the search results.

Gumbura was charged after sexually assaulting a married woman in his congregation. According to the news reports, Gumbura was inducing mind control on the men and women of the congregation, using threats of demonic possession and eternal separation as the basis for control. The victim's husband knew that she was being raped, but feared the pastor's power to call down demons from Satan. He pleaded with her not to speak against this "man of God."

During the course of the investigation, it was found that not only was Gumbura raping women of the church, but he was also capturing pictures and video of the women. Blaming it on "new converts," Gumbura attempted to distract officials from the underground lair of filth that he had created through the power given to him through William Branham's imbalanced church order.

In the end, he was convicted and sentenced to prison time. Though he organized an escape from prison, the justice system prevailed. But according to testimonies given to us from ex-cult members, this is not always the case. Many times, this type of abuse in the cult following of William Branham goes unreported. Often, the victims -- under the same type of mind control -- are too afraid to come forward. Sometimes, also according to testimony given by ex-cult members, the elders of the church prevent the authorities from finding out about the sexual molestation. Only a select few in the church are aware, and it is quickly swept under the rug.

Recently, scandals such as this are discovered, and have resulted in church splits. Those in Canadian churches are aware of the various situations, and broke away after the pastor actually supported those guilty simply because they were family.

So to the question, "what does it matter," our response is simple. Do some Google searches. You will quickly answer your own question. And in doing so, you will realize why the imbalance of power created by a religious cult can be so dangerous.