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In The Mouth of Two Or Three Witnesses - Resignations From The Branham Tabernacle

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In The Mouth of Two Or Three Witnesses - Resignations From The Branham Tabernacle:

After realizing that church property was being deeded away by one (or two) trustees of the Branham Tabernacle, the pastor, song leader, and entire staff of deacons resigned. The resignations were read by the pastor, one-by-one, and the congregation became aware that the board did not agree with the transactions that were apparently held secret from both the people and the church elders.

The transcript of the resignation:

Brother [Pastor]
Pastor of the Branham Tabernacle
804 Penn Street, Jeffersonville, IN:

Dear Brother [Pastor], it is with great sorrow that I tender my resignation from the Branham Tabernacle board of deacons effective immediately.

After much prayer and thoughtful consideration, I believe that my resignation is the best course of action for me and my family. The last several years have been one of the greatest honors in my life, to serve as one of the deacons and to have served with some of the finest brothers I've ever known.

You stood faithful with the message for forty years, and I will always stand with you. Again, I'm very honored to have had the opportunity to serve on the board of deacons with the Branham Tabernacle, and may God bless you.

[deacon] , deacon.


After examining the series of events that have transpired at the Branham Tabernacle in Jeffersonville, Indiana, there are many concerns raised -- beyond even the obvious spiritual concern. In that congregation are people held spellbound by the Branham family, eagerly accepting every single doctrine and situation as "God sent." Many, after being presented with solid evidence and the deacon board's assessment refuse to listen. According to the deacon board, two men were allegedly stealing property from the people, and doing it without proper voting and communication.

From a scriptural standpoint, the pastor and deacon board handled the situation Scripturally. Multiple witnesses presented their findings and even resignations, and many members of the congregation ignored their voices to stand behind those (in my opinion) guilty.

Like the Corinthians, who ignored the plea of the Apostle Paul, these church members are spellbound with what appears to be mind control -- insomuch that they ignore not only Scripture, but common sense. In Paul's letter, he reminded the Corinthians that it was not just one voice pleading with them. Every word is established by the mouth of two or three witnesses, each witness confirming the other voices:

"This is the third time I am coming to you. In the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every word be established." - 2 Corinthians 13:1

Has the Branham Tabernacle and the new elders of the church acted according to Scripture? Have they heeded the voices of the mouths of two or three witnesses? Or like their congregation, have they ignored those standing for truth and justice?

God will be the judge, and just reward will be served.

Audio of the resignation:

The government records: