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Is George Smith Being Honest?

In 2014, George Smith did an interview with Gospel Cross describing his explanation how William Branham could not have been under the "mystery cloud" in Arizona and still be truthful in his ministry. When this was published, we made videos in response to his testimony. Immediately after publishing our responses, legal action was taken to prevent our posting of the videos. Under the takedown notice we received, we were to remove all traces of this video from our websites, including our YouTube page:

In the arrangement of this takedown notice, were were severely limited in our publications to the YouTube site. No longer could we schedule videos, make videos private for others to help view and proof, or other features necessary to continue the video campaign we started to expose the cult following of William Branham. In fact, we were no longer to publish any video over 15 minutes, simply because we had published a video of George Smith and the cloud. What did George Smith have to hide?

Interestingly, at the time we published our video responses, our primary concern was George Smith's admission that William Branham could NOT have been in Arizona during the "mystery cloud" event. The details that he gave during his testimony helped us to understand that Smith was fully versed in the entire history and chronology of the cloud event -- not only in Arizona, but in Houston, Texas as well. But was he being honest with the people?

In his video testimony, starting at around 11 minutes into the video, George Smith makes the following statements:

"First of all, the hunting season did not begin until March 1st that year. So Brother Branham did not hunt out of season. He only went when he was in season; he was very legal on that part {...} He [William Branham] promised these two brothers that he would be there for the hunting season. After he made that plan, then a man called him from Texas to say that there had been a robbery the year previous. Someone was murdered, and they blamed it on these two kids, a boy and a girl; boyfriend and girlfriend. The boy happened to be the nephew of the man who took the picture in 1950."
- George Smith, Conviction, Gospel Cross, April, 5, 2014

Originally, having examined the government documents concerning the hunting season and timeline of events in Arizona, we knew that William Branham could not have been in Arizona during the cloud event. But now, having examined the government documents concerning the events in Houston, Texas as George Smith leads you to believe he has done, we are presented with a problem. His story and the government documents do not match. Is he being honest?

Smith claims that a "boyfriend and girlfriend" was "blamed" for a murder that took place after a "robbery." Yet government records show that nephew of the man who too the picture in 1950 was a homosexual transvestite. His accomplice was a prostitute, who supported their living by selling her body for sex. Was Smith being honest when he claimed that they were "boyfriend and girlfriend?"

Smith also leads the people to believe that they were "blamed" for the murders -- not that they actually committed them. Yet the government documents show that the murder happened during a three-party sex orgy in which the victim was sodomized repeatedly by the transvestite. There are mountains of newspaper publications, magazine articles, and even books to describe the homosexual transvestite and prostitute committing and getting away with murder due to a mistrial. Was smith being honest?

The original examination was published on our website on September 28, 2015. Compare the series of events as recorded by official court record and answer the question for yourself:

Is George Smith being honest?,_the_Prostitute,_and_the_Homosexual_Transvestite_Murderer.aspx