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Ashley-Ayers Evangelistic Association - Updated

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Ashley-Ayers Evangelistic Association - Updated:

A few days ago, we published information concerning the homosexual transvestite that William Branham left his hunting location in Arizona to support. Ashley, a homosexual prostitute, murdered a real-estate agent during a three-party sex orgy. But rather than sentence to the death penalty, it was decided that evidence was "withheld," declaring Ashley "insane," because he thought that he was "Elijah the prophet." ... and everyone who thinks they are "Elijah the prophet" must be insane, right?

To support this idea of withheld evidence, James Ayers created the Ashley-Ayers Evangelistic Association. Ayers, you will remember, was the photographer who took the Houston photograph of William Branham that many "Message" cult churches hang above their pulpits instead of Jesus Christ. The question was quickly asked: Did Ayers threaten to expose Branham for the real nature of the photograph? Others asked if Ayers was actually going to expose Branham's involvement with the homosexual prostitute. For those of you who missed the post, you can find it here:

These are questions we will not answer on this website without documented evidence to support our opinion. But we can confirm that Ashley did, indeed, use an "Elijah the prophet" ministry to escape the death penalty after Branham's visit. We just received the Articles of Incorporation from the Texas Secretary of State, which lists one James Harlie Ayers (The photographer and stepfather of the homosexual transvestite), and Sylvia Kipperman Ayers (the mother of the homosexual transvestite). You can now see the official government record declaring the "Ashley-Ayers Evangelistic Association," which appears to be the business entity for "Elijah the prophet."

See this and more on our "Government Records" page! And more to come! Stay tuned.