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Pastor of the Branham Tabernacle Resigns

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Pastor of the Branham Tabernacle Resigns:

Recently, the pastor, song leader, and entire deacon staff of the Branham Tabernacle resigned from the church. According to the letters by the deacons, Voice of God Recordings was stealing property from the people. During a lengthy session of reading letters, the pastor made the congregation aware of the issues, and that he was forced to step down.

Interestingly, the pastor did not chose to read his letter first or even last. Rather than give specific details or name names, the pastor chose to let the other elders of the church describe the situation. He did not place any importance or significance on his own opinion, and chose very few words to say. After reading a letter from a deacon who claimed that Voice of God Recordings was stealing property, and after reading the resignation of the song leader and his wife, the former pastor quickly and softly read his own resignation. Then announced that "we are just getting started."

At the time these letters were read, the extent of the scandal was not yet published on our website. We cannot know whether or not the pastor was aware that the building that he was leaving behind was purchased in 1936 -- though the concrete engraving on the corner of 8th Street and Penn Street claims the church was "Dedicated in 1933." Nor do we know if the pastor was aware of William Branham's hidden lifestyle, officiating the weddings, divorces, and remarriages of his brothers during a time in which he claimed to have been "announced by God to usher in the new heavens and new earth." We do know that he was aware of the government documents. And according to our sources inside Voice of God Recordings, some people that work there are aware of the pastor's seeing the documents himself. This is confirmed also by the local courthouse, who describe several deacons and "other interested parties" reviewing the government documents.

Here is the transcript of the resignation:


I hate this time has come that I must do this. I wish to retire as pastor of the Branham Tabernacle as of this date: Sunday, August 30, 2015. I have labored so hard for this Message, and I am 89 years old and have tried so hard to keep it on the word. But it looks like it is falling apart. It is the only thing I know to do. Therefore, I'll pray for you folks, and be sure and pray for me. I won't be having any more funerals or weddings.


You can listen to the audio of the resignation here:

The government documents can be found here: