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Kipperman and Ayers Involved In Forgery And Counterfeit

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Kipperman and Ayers Involved In Forgery And Counterfeit:

James Ayers and Theodore Kipperman, who William Branham praised for their "authentic" photograph in the Houston Coliseum, are also praised by the religious cult following Branham created. According to cult propaganda, their "scientific evidence" that the "pillar of fire" was in one of Branham's meetings is believed to be a photo of Jesus Christ himself -- but in the form of a light above Branham's head. Though the cult preaches very harshly against all things scientific, and strongly condemns all who do not believe William Branham, these two men are glorified. Why? They created the iconic photo that hangs in churches, homes, offices, cars, and even in wallets.

The cult is programmed to glorify these men through the repeated hearing of their names in the sermons recorded by William Branham. Often in his sermons, Branham would refer to these two men as scientific proof -- infallible proof -- that the supernatural was in his ministry.

And then, of course, Mr. Ayers, Mr. Kipperman, the night that the camera proved that I wasn't telling anything that was wrong. It was Truth. And when the mechanical eye of the camera caught the vision of the... or, not the vision; the reality. The Christ that we preach and so love, was with us. He promised to be with us, and the camera took His picture. Many times I've said, in times past, that—that I'd see that Light all the time. But sometime people would be a little skeptic of It, which you could believe they could be that way, but that night it proved it. That was the first time It was ever taken.
Branham, 63-0304 - A Absolute

Recently, we pointed out that William Branham was so strongly indebted to these two men that he left a hunting trip in Arizona to petition for the release of Ayers' stepson (Kipperman's nephew who was a homosexual transvestite prostitute that sodomized and murdered a real estate agent during a three-party sex orgy.,_the_Prostitute,_and_the_Homosexual_Transvestite_Murderer.aspx

But we have taken very little time to examine the two men who took the photograph: Kipperman and Ayers. Did they create perfect scientific proof? Can their work be trusted? Were they honest men, simply doing a hard day's work?

Well, it turns out that Kipperman and Ayers were involved with forgery and counterfeit as early as 1952. In a court appeal after Ayers was convicted in forgery and counterfeit, their criminal acts resulted in a denial of appeal. Apparently, the FBI asked for an authentic letter from one Mrs. O. W. Tidwell, an acquaintance of Kipperman, and one could not be produced. Ayers proceeded to forge and counterfeit a letter, attest through a notary to a Selective Service Board for Kipperman

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