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Joseph Branham Answers The Failed Prophecies

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Joseph Branham Answers The Failed Prophecies:

As we continue to post concerning information that has been hidden from the followers of William Branham, we always try to tie the issue back to the ministry. As always, we examine the fruits of the ministry, and from the fruits, one can easily see the tree that produced the fruit. But many, especially cult followers in foreign countries of a different language, are unaware of most of the ministry they are supposed to believe and support. Why? Voice of God Recordings has produced very few sermons translated to foreign language. Even in Spanish, which one would assume would be the first language to translate the hundreds of sermons, one can only find a handful translated. When one reviews the Spanish version of "The Table," the searchable database of William Branham's sermons, one quickly asks the question: What have they been doing all these years with all of that donated money?

As one examines the fruits, the programmed response of defense is to justify "the prophet" with "the healing," as if somehow God's healing of the sick could somehow change a failed prophecy that had been given. Many are programmed to believe that "healing" is vindication of "prophecy." When a prophecy fails, rather than examine the prophecy, cult pastors ask their following to examine the prayer lines!

Those making their exodus out of the cult are shocked by this response. Even the uneducated can see that this is nothing more than a diversion strategy, attempting to distract focus from the real issue to something entirely different. And after realizing the deception, we often receive the question: "Has Billy Paul or Joseph Branham ever responded to any of your questions?"

Personally, this was one of the things that opened my eyes. My family were very close to the Branhams. My grandfather was William Branham's associate. My father was Joseph Branham's best friend and childhood playmate. And I came across the failed prophecies long before my grandfather was (in my opinion) pushed out of the Tabernacle after discovering that there was (also in my opinion) two brothers evading taxes and using church funds for purposes other than supporting the congregation.

One would assume that the two would have contacted me and pleaded with me. One would assume that they would have tried to show me the error of my ways. I manage employees in business, and if one were to suddenly suspect I had been lying to them for years and leave the company, I would be mortified! I would do everything within my power to contact them, show them the truth, and clear my name! The Branham brothers did not. Since leaving the cult, they have not produced one single shred of truth to dispute the huge amount of fiction that they shoveled down the throats of millions for years.

But to answer the question coming to me, "Has Joseph responded," I have to say "yes." He did respond, but it was long before I realized the "Message" was filled with failed prophecies, twisted scriptures, fictional life stories and more. His answer?

Well, watch the answer that he gave in video form, and see for yourself. Is it a good answer? Does it solve all the problems? Or is this just a feeble attempt at maintaining the steady flow of donations?