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Song Leader Resigns Amidst Branham Tabernacle Scandal

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Song Leader Resigns Amidst Branham Tabernacle Scandal

A few weeks back, the pastor, song leader, and entire staff of deacons resigned from the Branham Tabernacle. According to the resignation letters, the Branhams were allegedly stealing property from the church, property which is supposed to be owned by the people. But keep in mind, these resignations are not only including the men in their positions -- their wives, children, and even families also resigned from the church.

But the song leader's case is a bit unique when compared to the others who submitted their resignations. It appears that the song leader's wife, Betty Phillips, was involved in a little "friendly competition" with Voice of God Recordings. According to government documents, Betty is the registered agent to "Believers International, Inc," a "book company" whose principal address is in the state of Arizona. When one suddenly realizes that there were more than one competing business whose interest lie in the Branham Tabernacle, there are many questions raised.

Was Voice of God Recordings aware of this when they [allegedly] stole property from the people of the church, as is accused by the resignation letters of the deacons? What was the purpose of this business, and how is it different than Voice of God Recordings? If we are in the very last days, should they not have joined forces to bring "that last lost sheep into the fold?"

We have published the audio to the reading of the letter of resignation by the former pastor of the Branham Tabernacle. Names (not mentioned in the government documents) have been removed to protect the innocent. Here is the transcript:


With great regrets, under the present situation, we feel it is time for us to resign as janitor of the Branham Tabernacle, keeping the parking lot clean, taking care of the flowers, first response to the alarm company, give tours of the church, song leader, and piano player. It has been wonderful working with Dad, brother [pastor], and you people.

The church is very dear to our hearts remembering the many times Brother Branham was here. And knowing the angels lined these walls, what a blessed people we are. We are resigning of all our duties at the Branham Tabernacle. God bless you,

[Song leader] and Betty Phillips.
August 31, 2015

You will find the audio of the resignation here:

To view the government documents, follow this link: