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William Branham, Closet Secrets, and Fruits of the Ministry

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William Branham, Closet Secrets, and Fruits of the Ministry:

Earlier this week when we published the information on Ayers' homosexual transvestite stepson that William Branham petitioned to save from execution in Houston, TX as a "mystery cloud" flew over northern Arizona, we began receiving many questions concerning the cult leader and the cult's hidden secrets. Each time we publish a new connection between William Branham and homosexuality, we receive the question: Was William Branham himself a closet homosexual?

This is not a question that we answer on this website. In the grand scheme of things, this question is not important. There are countless examples of twisting of scripture, additions to "Bible verses," failed prophecy, fictional life stories and more. Though we do find the question interesting, we don't find much value in learning the answer. In Matthew 7, when Jesus Christ was warning of false prophets, he did not tell his disciples to examine their sexual affiliation. Instead, Christ instructed to examine their fruits.

Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep's clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves. You will recognize them by their fruits. Are grapes gathered from thornbushes, or figs from thistles? So, every healthy tree bears good fruit, but the diseased tree bears bad fruit. A healthy tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a diseased tree bear good fruit. Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. Thus you will recognize them by their fruits.
- Matthew 7:15-20

Even the article about the transvestite and prostitute that William Branham helped petition to save has a much different focus than one might notice at first glance. We have no desire to expose the sinner - whether that sinner be William Branham or the transvestite who sodomized and murdered a real estate agent. Instead, the article's intent was to examine the fruits. For those who missed it, that article can be found on our blog:,_the_Prostitute,_and_the_Homosexual_Transvestite_Murderer.aspx

What interests us more are the fruits of William Branham's labor. Was the transvestite saved through William Branham's petition? Did William Branham positively influence the prostitute that was involved with the transvestite? Was it God's plan to mislead the two to four million people in the cult of today to believe Branham was hunting in Arizona when he was spending time with a transvestite and prostitute? What are the fruits of this deception?

Ironically, one can examine the fruits of other ministers William Branham "helped." Like Gene Goad and Leo Mercier, who Lee Vayle and others admitted were closet homosexuals and sexual deviants. According to the Supreme Court of California, this fruit of Branham's ministry resulted in the sexual molestation of children, mind control, and even murder.

Those from Prescott who have now fled the cult are familiar with the horrors that went on behind closed doors -- many of which did not make the court transcripts. For years, and before learning that William Branham was just another false prophet intent on creating a cult, they asked themselves the question: "Why?" Why did William Branham praise their ministry, bless their following, and describe their bright futures together when such tragedy awaited?

And you're certainly started on the right road, just keep going and God will be with you. And I got to see some of you. I seen, the other day, these sisters, I didn't even know them, 'cause all I could see would just be about their eyes and nose, out from under one of those hoods. And now I believe I know you better, through the courtesy of Brother Leo and Gene, who taken me around and visit your homes; and get to shake hands with the—the little children, the prophets and prophetesses of the age to come, if there is an age to come.
65-1031A - Leadership, in the Prescott Arizona commune

One can examine the "Brother Rudin," who Branham introduces just four months after the transvestite in a sermon called "Prisoner" of July 17, 1963. The title of the sermon, when compared with the series of 1963 events is highly interesting. Rudin lived a secret life -- unbeknownst to his entire congregation -- as a homosexual who scammed countless people in the Phoenix area gay and lesbian community. After draining his congregation of their money to support his flamboyant lifestyle, he was exposed to the Phoenix, Arizona area as yet another fruit of William Branham's ministry.

And who can forget the infamous Jim Jones of the Jonestown Massacre, wherein hundreds of innocent lives were slain? In a joint "healing campaign" at the Cadle Tabernacle in Indianapolis, Indiana, Branham kick-started the ministry of the People's Temple cult leader. Before, during, and after that series of meetings, William Branham privately interviewed several bound by Jones' mind control.

Under normal circumstances and by normal (not programmed) Christians, this cannot be even remotely considered the minister's fault. Scripturally, it is evident that Christ came to save sinners from all sin -- whether it is the sinful lifestyles of sexual orgies or the sodomy and murder of the real estate agent. Ministers of the Gospel are supposed to be "servants" to the people, humbly pointing them to the Cross. But William Branham indoctrinated his following to believe that he was much greater than a man, and that he could peer into the very soul.

How many knows what the Angel said in the message? "If you can get the people to believe and be sincere when you pray." That's right. And I said, "They won't believe me because I... they..." I was talking of Baptist then, and so forth, the church that I was in. He said... I said, "I'm uneducated. I couldn't speak rightly to them." He said, "As Moses was given two signs, so will it be given to you." And he told me what to do. And he said, "Then you'll know the very secrets of their hearts. You can tell them."
Branham, 56-1002E - Elisha The Prophet

Ministers in the cult following, the modern-day fruits of Branham's ministry, continue this claim. Entire sermons are devoted to describing Branham's special powers to supernaturally peer into the lives and futures of those he came in contact with. How can they continue these claims? Was his gift limited in power? If so, was it from God? Can God be limited in power?

There are many questions that arise when you examine the fruits of William Branham's ministry. The most obvious is the money trail, which we are only just beginning to examine on our "Government Documents" page. If an "angel" did give William Branham special insight, allowing him to peer into the lives and futures of his following, only one of two things could have happened:

Either the angel lied to William Branham or William Branham lied to the people.