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Resignation Letter From The Deacons At The Branham Tabernacle

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Resignation Letter From The Deacons At The Branham Tabernacle:

Recently, we began publishing courthouse records describing a situation that was happening at the Branham Tabernacle in Jeffersonville, Indiana. In our opinion, and after examining the government records, the evidence led one to believe there was a misuse of church funds for the betterment of the sons of William Branham.

We posted the question: Is Joseph Branham being Honest?

From our conversations with the courthouse officials, members of the deacon staff reviewed the same government records that we examined. After examining the evidence, their conclusion was that property was "stolen" from the people, and that after this alleged theft, no funds remained to help the people of the church. One resignation letter asked the question: "Where is the money?"

Our sources inside Voice of God Recordings confirm that this situation has caused quite a stir, and has resulted in closed-door meetings. We cannot publish details of the entire situation, however we are able to present a portion of the government documents as they relate to what the deacons of the Branham Tabernacle called "stolen" property. And we can say that the Branham Tabernacle's doors are now shut for Sunday service -- ironically [very loosely] fulfilling a prophecy used by this and several other Pentecostal-style cults: the "squeeze," the "closing of the doors," or other names used. The former pastor would often repeat William Branham's use of this cult strategy to describe how "lucifer" would one day shut the doors. When one fully examines what has happened, one might actually wonder if one single prophecy had just a hint of truth.

We have the audio to the resignations of the former elders of the Branham Tabernacle. To protect the innocent, all names have been removed, with the exception of the Branhams, who according to the deacon resignations, are not "innocent."

Here is the first resignation we will publish:


This is from Brother [deacon], precious brother, we thank him for the service he has given to us. We really appreciate him. Here’s what he said.

I consider myself a very fortunate man to have had the opportunity to serve our precious Lord Jesus as a deacon. Likewise, to work with our precious brother [pastor] in service to believers in the Branham Tabernacle.

Brother Branham appointed Brother [pastor] as pastor of this church. He is the absolute authority in all things. Brother [pastor] never tried to build himself an empire of wealth and fame. He chose a humble and unselfish route. What an honor to love and know this man.

God’s people in the Tabernacle are truly some of the most sincere and wonderful people to walk with in the face of the earth. It humbles me to know and worship with such devout believers of this glorious Message.

The trustees announced that the attorney made a mistake concerning the deed of the church. When there is a mistake, it should be corrected. The church should have been returned to the people, not given away to a trustee family and his organization. Surely, Brother Branham would be displeased with the turn of events. He and Sister Branham deeded the church to the people in 1953. I believe that something that is STOLEN from all of us is dispersed to the Lord and can never be blessed for it is tainted.

The deacons have been unable to fulfill all of their duties for a while because the treasurer/trustee has said there is no funds available to help those in need. The question is WHERE IS THE MONEY?

I’ve endeavored to do my best for the Branham Tabernacle. Brother Branham intended this to be a sovereign church, not one owned by an organization. I must step down because of the decision this church is now going.

So it is with a heavy heart and deep regards that I resign my position as deacon. I trust and hope that everyone will understand the seriousness of this thing that has been done. God bless you brothers and sisters.

Signed [deacon], 8/30/15

The audio of the resignation:

The government records: