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Voice Of God Recordings Pulls July Still Waters Photos

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Voice Of God Recordings Pulls July Still Waters Photos:

According to our sources, we are starting to make a solid impact at Voice of God Recordings. When one watches the events unfold, one has to wonder how many meetings are held to discuss which content from their websites to pull and when! Either way, we are making a change -- if not in the hearts of the leaders who have held hidden secrets, we have made them to their websites.

Last month, we published references to articles describing the zoning appeal to our government documents page. Cult followers were suddenly aware that the plea for zoning included a description of a almost leaving the ground untouched -- a handful of children and at most a couple of small buildings. Nothing mentioned about the massive construction that is now underway. For those of you familiar with the cartoons, it was though Voice of God Recordings walked into the meeting and painted the picture of Fred Flintstone and the troops braving the barren wilderness -- but they are instead are building George Jetson's massive complex.

But it is obvious that we have yet again helped Voice of God Recordings with their website! The entire section of July photos has been pulled off of The specific photo that we referenced now takes you to a page that says, "Access denied."

The collection of photos:

The specific photo posted last month they don't want you to see:

They have also configured their website settings to block google and other search engines from indexing their content. For those of you that know web technology, the "robots.txt" file was set to block web crawlers. Does this "children's camp" have something they don't want the world to know?*/

Ask yourself: Why did the pull the photos? What don't they want you to see? What else do they have to hide? And why hide anything if they are open and honest with the people?

What other ways can we help them with their website? Will they remove Branham's statements misrepresenting his involvement with a homosexual transvestite? Will they remove his statements about his year of birth? Or his "position" on Marriage and Divorce?

Look through the government records yourself! First one to guess which page they remove next wins a church age book from the next person leaving the cult!