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William Branham, The Prostitute, The Transvestite and the Cloud

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William Branham, The Prostitute, The Transvestite and the Cloud:

Since posting yesterday's court documents describing the prostitute and homosexual transvestite who sodomized and murdered a real estate agent, a flurry of questions and comments have hit our website, facebook page, email, and phone. Cult followers, when first faced with hard facts contradicting huge portions of cult fiction can be very emotional. But we don't take any offense -- there was a time when we walked in your shoes. There was a time when I, myself, would have stood in front of a firing squad to defend this cult leader and his ministry.

But of the questions and comments we've received, the one that we find the strangest is this one: "Why does it matter?"

I am actually struggling where to begin with this one. Where do I begin? Why does it matter that he claimed to be under a cloud in Arizona when he was in Houston to support a transexual murderer? Why does it matter that he claimed to have saved them from death row, when he was only one small part of a petition, one which would have had numerous signatures from the gay and lesbian community that Branham publicly condemned to hell? Why does it matter that after being "saved," this transexual performed a sex-change operation -- a practice that the entire cult following of William Branham condemns as an unpardonable sin?

I'm at a loss of words. To coin the cult phrase, "How can I teach them algebra when they won't even learn their [cult] ABCs?"

For those of you that missed yesterday's post, you can find it here:,_the_Prostitute,_and_the_Homosexual_Transvestite_Murderer.aspx