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William Branham and the Atomic Saucer Scare Strategy

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William Branham and the Atomic Saucer Scare Strategy:

When people contact us during and after their journey out of the cult following of William Branham, they often describe the huge amount of fear that they had bottled up -- sometimes for decades. More than one person described their cult identity as "carefree," but after experiencing freedom from the cult, they realize that they had been convincing themselves as a mental block. Like a child whistling as they walked through a graveyard at midnight, the fear they were living with was very real. We're sometimes asked the question, "Did William Branham use fear tactics in his ministry to hold us?"

Until you've put some distance of time between your new self and your cult identity, this is not an easy question to answer. Fresh faces leaving the cult often refer to the cult leader as their "blessed brother Branham," programmed to believe that he could never do such a thing. But over time, and as they deprogram, they start to understand that a pure heart could never do and say the many awful things they discover as they examine "the Message." Over time, "brother Branham" turns into simply: "Branham," though during the "anger stage" there are a few other adjectives we hear used. As a person makes their journey out of the cult, they experience all of the stages of grief.

To those of you reading who are freshly out of the cult, don't be surprised when you hear others further along in their journey making such strong statements. Though your programming makes you feel an undeserved respect, this will change as you read and understand the huge amount of fiction that started long before our first (available) recorded sermon of 1947.

To the question, "Did William Branham use fear tactics in his ministry to hold us," let's examine one of the more obvious themes used throughout his ministry. The Second Red Scare lasted from 1947 to 1957, and is believed by some to have profoundly altered the temper of American society. During this time, the American people trained their thoughts upon the fear of the unknown, and it began to go far beyond the boundaries of communism. Suddenly, there was a very real fear of Russian invasion at a time when nuclear warfare had recently stunned the world. The American public was learning about the atomic bomb, and starting to realize that the technology was being enhanced. Soon the atomic blast was combined with thermonuclear fusion, and the hydrogen bomb was introduced. Designs for the "Cobalt Bomb" were openly discussed, describing the enhanced nuclear fallout by using a "salted bomb" to spread radioactive particles. The concept of a cobalt bomb was originally described in a radio program by physicist Leó Szilárd on February 26, 1950, and you can easily watch as the concept made its way into Branham's ministry. Szilárd was successful in convincing the nation that a "doomsday device" was possible through atomic power.

Combine all of this with the numerous UFO sightings of the 1950s and 1960s. Americans did not know what to believe, and a sudden fear of imminent invasion of the United States began to spread. William Branham used this fear to his advantage throughout his ministry. As he travelled from town to town, Branham would often name the city or even small town he visited as the next target from Russia. And claimed that the UFO sightings were part of the military strategy. These flying saucers would soon drop the doomsday device:

Underground jet planes, planes go out from under the ground like that. Under there was atomic bombs, everything just ready, can fly the whole world around, in just a little bit, with atomic bombs. And they can send these saucers out across the nation, drop a bomb, and twenty minute's time explode the whole earth. If they wasn't afraid of that chain of relay, could stop that hydrogen bomb, they'd be doing it right now. Brother, while it's time to repent, get right with God.
-Branham, 53-1115

In his hometown of Jeffersonville, Indiana, Branham combined this fear with the ammunition plants. Locals, not realizing that the gunpowder had little effect when compared to an atomic blast, believed his story:

One of these days there won't be even an ash left in Jeffersonville; there won't be one left in Charlestown, won't be one left in Louisville. This world's ripe for judgment. They've got a hydrogen bomb now that Russia can shoot from Moscow, land it on Fourth Street, and take every one of these powder plants around here, and sink it seventy-five feet under the ground with one bomb: one bomb; fifteen miles square, it'll go to a hundred and fifty feet in the ground. The hand's on the trigger.
- Branham, 57-0421e

New York:

New York--just takes one. They got a bomb that'll blow a hundred and seventy-five feet deep, a hundred and something miles square.
- Branham, 58-0530


But friends, there'll be a time when there won't be any more Toledo here. That's right. One of these days an atomic bomb will strike this place; there won't be anything left of it. Now, you know that's right
- Branham, 51-0722a

There's an atomic bomb hanging yonder in Russia with your names on it, right here in Saskatoon, and you know that. So does the rest of the world know it.
- Branham, 57-0519e


Chicago, Illinois. How people has longed to say, "Oh, if it could be shook, if it could be shook..."
O God, that atomic fodder running out there on the street will never be shook. It'll be shook with an atomic bomb.
- Branham, 61-0427


we hear of these great men, plumb into France predicting that the first bomb will drop in Louisville, Kentucky
- Branham, 61-1112

No certainty of what time our nations could be blowed up. Miami, Florida, I think, in this coming Christian Business Men's meeting, there's a man coming that's going to be from up in Greenland, who had his hand on the lever just recently; he'd have sent the world to destruction.
- Branham, 61-0429e


Holy-rollers, that bunch of Pentecostals? No--no, nothing to that, bunch of holy-rollers." See, go ahead. Our name's on a bomb out yonder somewhere.
- Branham, 61-0412


The atomic bomb is a heaven-bound ticket to the believer. Hallelujah. Yes, sir. Death can't do nothing for you, but... A quick death is a quick glory. That's right.
- Branham, 54-1219e

Vatican City:

And remember, I say this as God's prophet: The Russian empire will drop an atomic bomb of some sort on the Vatican City and destroy it in one hour. THUS SAITH THE LORD.
- Branham, 54-0513

He did waver on the Vatican City a bit -- sometimes Russia would destroy Rome, and in other statements, Rome would rule the world:

See? Don't worry about Russia. Russia's a small pebble on the beach. Don't you worry about communism; you watch Romanism
- Branham, 62-0311

According to William Branham, these flying saucers were very real. They were flying in battle formation, and they had the doomsday device:

One rocket bomb, one of those cobalts, or hydrogen bombs could... The whole nation is on an alert. You seen in the paper the other day where they're requiring the Pentagon to answer the flying saucer. It wasn't a myth; it wasn't something you'd imagine; it was real. It was an intelligence. They flew in battle formation.
- Branham, 56-1125e

If you have been programmed with William Branham's fear, and you question how such a "humble little man" could produce such terror, simply replace William Branham in your thoughts with Jesus Christ. If Christ were on the recordings, would He be constantly drilling fear of impending doom? Or would He be speaking peace into your hearts? Would Christ try to scare you into His following? Or would He display such love that you couldn't stay away?

Perfect love casts out fear. For fear has to do with punishment, and whoever fears has not been perfected in love.
- 1 John 4:18