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William Branham's Angel of May 18, 1948

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William Branham's Angel of May 18, 1948:

May 18, 1948 is the second-most important date in the religious following of William Branham. Those who study world history are familiar with this date; it is the day that the Star of David was raised over the newly formed independent state of Israel after U.N. resolution. But while the Jews hold this day as sacred, those who study the message of William Branham hold this day in their hearts as a fundamental milestone in the life story of William Branham. This is the day that William Branham was allegedly visited by an angel of God, who he later claimed to be "Jesus," who once was named "Michael" according to Branham's theology.

It was during this visitation that Branham was told that "nothing would stand before him, not even cancer." According to cult mythology, Branham was given two signs as a gift to both find disease and to convince the people to accept their healing. Branham's description of the conversation with the angelic being compared these two signs to the three signs given by God to Moses (turning the rod into a serpent, the leprous hand, and turning the nile into blood). Branham's "angel," however only recognized two of these signs, and told Branham, "As Moses was given two signs, so are you given two signs."

For years, it was an exciting cult treasure hunt, trying to find the location of this alleged event. Those who believed Branham's version of the story wherein the angelic visitation happened in a cave were excited to find such a place in Southern Indiana that seemed to match his description. Others, familiar with the version of the story describing an angelic visitation in a cave with a wood stove argue that the visitation could not have occurred in the cave. Others have debated on the other conflicting details of the visitation, whether or not the cabin (or cave) had a wood floor and stove, whether or not the angel wore a turban and more. But few stopped to think about the significance of the date, as it related to Israel.

In a 1954 sermon, William Branham described the significance of Israel's nationality with regards to his own ministry. According to Branham, God was working all things together, and the angelic being visited him on the very same day the nation of Israel was formed:

Immediately, after coming out of the, here, going right into Israel where there's never been any fanaticism, or carrying on, or anything, right into virgin territory. And I believe that there'll be a wakening of those Jews for about a million or two to receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost. Jesus Christ will come on the scene as certain as anything. Even in the prophecy He said, "Over Jerusalem there'd be an ensign lifted up in the last days," another sign. And for the first time for twenty-five hundred years, the oldest flag that's in existence today, is the six-point star of David, is flying over Jerusalem today.
And a strange thing of that, that you might not know, the very day the Angel of the Lord called me out, May the 6th, 1947, and issued the gift to pray for the sick, was the very same day that Israel become a nation for the first time for twenty-five hundred years.
- Branham, 54-0781A

There are two fundamental problems with this statement, the biggest of which being the year. Branham claimed that the angel visited him in 1947, yet the nation of Israel was not formed until 1948. The first question that must be asked is about the connection to the two events. Were they connected, when they allegedly happened several months apart?

The second problem with this statement is concerning the month, which is a huge issue for any who have Voice of God Recordings' "The Table" software. Any who open this software are familiar with the first sermon displayed "Faith is the Substance," which was preached in April of 1947 -- one full month prior to Branham's alleged angelic visitation. And those familiar with this sermon are also aware that Branham describes the event in this sermon as a past event -- not future. Branham claimed that he had already been visited by an angel, and that the angel had already commissioned him to heal the sick.

This is even more problematic for those who have begun researching the early ministry of William Branham. Some have seen the 1945 pamphlet, "I Was Not Disobedient To The Heavenly Vision," which describes a young William Branham already showing success in the Healing Revival of the 1940's.

And others have seen the Vandalia, IL newspaper clippings, wherein the Associated Press mistakenly call William Branham "Henry Branham." In these clippings, William Branham describes an angelic commission that happened in the fall of 1946 -- after the 1945 healing successes, before the date he would later use, and long before Israel became a nation.

While cult followers are concerned with finding the location of this alleged event, they should be studying the recorded message of William Branham. In his own statements, there is ample evidence that the entire mythological story was created by the mind of the cult leader.